Gaming Borderlands 2

A good friend and I played the first one a lot. Had rip roaring fun with it! Looking forward to this one too. Co-op play is great fun.
Skyrim did contribute to many days of me not moving from the sofa. I did finally get a lot of it finished the other day.

As for Borderlands, it's not one I've played yet but my date the other night was getting very excited about it.
My, those ladies have big jugs.

Been playing it since Friday, having re-completed the first one a couple of weeks ago...I think it's splendid, as it hasn't tried to mess with what was right about the first game, while fixing a couple of the things that were a bit ropey. A shame I couldn't port a few of my juicier weapons from the first one across to the second though...
That's great to hear Road of Bones.
One of the best things about Borderlands was its playability - you could just pick it up and play it for 10 minutes at a time and then put it back down again.

As much as I love Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout type games, it can take hours to do a single task sometimes so you need to have much more time available.
Indeed Brogan - one of the good tweaks for the new version is that if you quit during a mission, having already cleared 2 maps on that mission, you restart in the map you left, instead of the hub for that vicinity. Some of the dialogue is hilarious too- I found myself laughing for good 5 minutes at a 2-word comment from one character...but then, I'm easily amused!
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