Bluff or Double Bluff

Jos the Boss

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1-5 Fastest Lap

1. Who has the most fastest laps? Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna?

Senna 19 Schumi 76

2. Who has the most fastest laps this season? Petrov or Heifeld

Petrov 6 'Heidfield' 3

3. Who's lap was faster and the British grand prix? Webber 2010 or Vettel 2011

Webber 2010

4. Who had more fastest laps? Jim Clark or Graham Hill?

Jim Clark

5. Who had the least fastest laps? Fangio or Ascari?


5-7 Qualifying

6. Who was on pole for the 2002 Hungarian GP? Barrichello or Schumi?


7. Who was on pole for the 1990 Hungarian GP? Boutsen or Senna?


8-10 Race Pace

8. Who completed the Turkish GP fastest? Di Grassi 2010 or D'Ambrosio 2011

Di Grassi +3 Laps D'ambrosio +2Laps

9. Who completed the 1986 Monaco GP fastest? Senna or Keke Rosberg

Keke Rosberg

10. Who was lapped more in the 1999 Austrian GP? Michael Schumacher or Pedro De la Rosa?

Michael Schumacher +1Lap De la Rosa +0Laps

Have fun!
And remember, judge the bluff well and you may get 10!
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