Blockbusters quiz



I tried this on 606 a while back and thought it could work here as a drop in game.

The rules are simple. I’ll ask a question where the answer is a word beginning with a letter of my choosing. The person correctly guessing the answer to my question gets to choose the next letter in the game and set the following question.

Example: Starting letter “B”

Which “B” recently claimed the record for most Grand Prix starts?
Answer: Rubens Barrichello

Easy? ... I hope so :snigger:

So starting with the usual "I'll have a P, please Bob" :D

What "P" is the name of a constructor who used Mugen-Honda, Peugot and Acer engines in their cars?

Remember .. if you answer correctly you ask the next question!
OK ;)

Which "B" is the son of an actor and grandson of a sculptor.
He raced for two teams and scored no points in his F1 career.
He last raced in F1 in 1994
Paul Belmondo lol

Which "Q" is an active endurance driver who competed in one Formula One race finishing 9th.
I really don't want to answer this one now since I've need so many clues <wah>
Silverstone Circuit
Becketts corner & Chapel curve
Abbey :oops:
:doh: I feel thick :)
Okay I'm assuming that I'm correct ... but I can take it if I'm wrong!

So here's the next question:

Which British driver drove for Hesketh...AND where did he score the teams only win?
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