Big Bang? What Big Bang, I didn't hear one, did you?

So it says that, instead of there being a big bang, the universe has always existed, yet they don't explain how anything could have always existed. They claim this because they say that since the laws of physics break down at the singularity required in the Big Bang Theory. So, to circumvent that problem, they claim that the universe has always existed. It appears, at least to me, to be solely based on convenience. They then do their computations and modeling based on the assumption that the universe has always existed. That is ass-backwards for science: start with your conclusion, then seek proof for it.

I have always had a problem buying into quantum mechanics and physics. To me, they have become the religion of the last decade; there are true believers and skeptics. Count me among the latter.
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Something must've gone bang. What caused it? Nothing doesn't suddenly just explode and create a universe.

There's room for many faiths in what we know. I'm glad people are still questioning the perceived wisdom - at one stage, such wisdom said the earth was flat.
The universe exists because it has to the alternative is infinite nothingness which is even more incomprehensible than the universe, for this reason the universe has always been and always will be even if it means it is on a time loop which does not require a big bang.

I've never bought into the big bang anyway because it does not explain what was there before it supposedly happened..
This just highlights the very problem with theoretical physics. They start of with a theory and then set out to prove it. If they can't prove it, they change the theory and set out to prove that.
Then when they have proved a theory someone else tries to disprove it which is actually a good point. It's amazing how long Einstein has stood up.
Everything can't have been here for ever. It had to come from somewhere. They can't conveniently decide that their was never a beginning because they can't explain it. If they do, then they will have to stop wittering on about the end of the Universe.
No beginning, no end.
Them's the rules.
i would suggest no rules.

Thinking individuals will never come to a conclusion, so it is down to the blinkered to have any kind of impact on the rest of Mankind.
How about the old idea that the universe expands, then contracts repeatedly ad infinitum. So there never was a start and there never will be an end. Meanwhile we have an infinite number of lives which also repeat. So there is no creation and deja vue is clearly explained.:)
No start. Maybe, it just 'happened'.

But logic tells us that there has to have been a 'start' at some point.

A grain of sand that snowballed when gathering other grains, perhaps? Then revealed itself as a planet several millennia later.

Anyone know where that pesky grain came from?
We know how stars and planets form. If you have a powerful enough telescope, you can observe Suns in various stages of their lives and see the proof .
But all that matter from which the Universe is made can't just have been there for ever. Where did it come from!
Maybe from the other side of a black hole, inside of which everything stops making sense as we understand.

Everywhere else in the universe follows the same universe law of conservation of energy. Nothing is "created" and nothing gets "destroyed". Everything just transforms itself. With one exception: black holes, where everythin that gets sucked inside disappears forever, and the big bang which apparently came out of absolutely nothing.

Maybe we all just came out of a white hole?
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