Best F1 race/weekend you have ever been to


memory serves that was the race Toleman turned up.

........and just missed out on qualifying for the Grand Prix. Well, actually they were miles off the pace. Warwick was 8.664 seconds off pole and Henton was 15.428(!) seconds down.

Amazingly, Stohr also failed to qualify the car that Patrese took P2 with. But you would know all about that.


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Afraid that failure cost him his seat.Jaque Villeneuve took over but he did no better.


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Austria 1982 - Thrown out of the Brabham pits (dumb schmuck that I am, tried to take a photo of the BMW engine during warm up...), Italian air force display team were brilliantly psychotic, and Nigel Mansell's No.1 teammate and my hero won - Elio De Angelis....


I'm sure I've forgotten more about Motor sport than some of you have ever learned in the first place!

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm :censored:...

I do however remember some awesome weekends at Snetterton when a teen watching Ford Fairlanes and Minis racing. Fords had the Minis for breakfast on the straights and the situation was totally reversed come the next corner! 8-):)


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I've only been to two F1 Races and that was Silverstone 92 and Silverstone 96 so out of the two it has to be Silverstone 92. (A points finish for Lotus and Damon Hills first race)

I'll always remember the sight and sound of that pink (YES PINK !!!) Brabham chugging around at the back of the field.

I've posted my memories of this GP elsewhere so I won't bang on about it again.
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