Formula E Berlin E-Prix


No passing through my dirty air please
This Saturday see's Formula E land in Berlin for a second time only this year it has a more central location. The Alexanderplatz is a picturesque setting however whether the long straights and 90 degree corners lend to good racing I Don't know. With the news that the Moscow round has been cancelled it really ramps up the tension for the championship. With 3 races left (this and two in London) it is now an official straight duel between Di Grassi and Buemi for the title.

Di Grassi and Audi Abt are the form pairing and the team will be keen to get a win in home ground. Equally EDams would love to spoil that party like Abt spoilt their's in France. Let's face it Buemi needs to get his act together and fast. All he needs to do really is pull off a decent quali but he has not managed that all year. Di Grassi on the other hand is the height of consistency.

Interestingly Di Grassi hinted in an interview recently that him staying at Audi Abt is noted given and suggestion is he might sign for the new Jaguar team. Antonio Felix Do Costa is apparently the hot property everyone wants and he has been pretty good this year. I expect him to be troubling the top 5.

I imagine Sam Bird will be troubling the front two again on race day and hopefully his team mate JEV will join him like he did in Paris. JEV really needs to keep his form going if he wants the Virgin seat next year as there is a strong rumour he is to be replaced by a 'talented British driver who has not raced in the series yet'. No one is 100% sure who that is but let's hope it's not Paul Di Rests!

Anyways Icy Bin Eine Berliner or I am a hot dog sausage in English. Who's going to watch and what's the predicted outcome?
Meh. Let's hope it's someone young and up and coming rather than one of that lot.

Lando Norris! Nah he's saving himself for F1.

Maybe Jan Mardenborough or Alex Brundle. They're always hanging around Formula E.
That was fun. It's all to play for in the final race(s). Can't find any reports of di Grassi getting a penalty after being investigated for speeding during the FCY so 1 point between Lucas and Buemi in the championship.
How awkward is it in the Audi camp with Danny Abt not getting out of the way for Di Grassi there at the end and then celebrating like he'd won the world title! Hope it doesn't't cost Lucas the title.

Titch they Don't have the down force of an F1 car hence a lot of moving around which for me means the driver gets a bigger input.

Good race and set up for London.

Oh and

Commentator to Frinjs on radio under safety car:

"You have a lot more pace in the race than in quali. Why is that?"

Frinjs in response:

"I Don't know. I'm pushing like an animal"

Abt looked like an idiot under the circumstances. I didn't know much about Abt, but find myself disliking him. Which is odd because I'm not one for team orders at all. But last but one race and the standings as they are? That was an arse attitude.
But isn't Abt the son of the team owner?
As you were then.
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