Beeb to introduce live driver tracker


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Ooh, really been chucked back on topic now :)

Brogan, the free iPhone app, from is basically a port of the live timings screen online.

The other, is £20 to buy and only lasts for one season. It has everything the app does, but also has feeds from the GPS data, it is plotted on a movable 3D representation of the track and allows you to do things such as zoom in on a particular area, follow a driver.

It als provides a review function so you can go back to a certain time stamp, or run it from a particular time when your watching a recording of the race


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Thanks MajorD.

It sounds useful but at £20 a season it's a bit pricey.

Luckily I don't have an i<whatever> :D


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I bought an iCrap but it was rubbish. It kept forcing me to log off !!



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Thanks Rick for giving me someone else to share the blame with on this thread! I think I've disqualified myself from any mod duties!
Hey, i'm blameless.. ;)
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