BBC sports personality of the year 2012

I don't :) I heard one of her tunes on the radio and thought - wow, what a fantastic voice. They then mentioned that she was an x-factor idol on ice runner up. I can't explan how I know the rest of them are largely talentless (well, I may have watched it once or twice)

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Well, I've just had a very nice meal at a cosy little restaurant in Paris. Anyway, if either Bradley Wiggins or David Weir don't win this I'll tut very loudly.
It makes a change for once that there are so many worthy candidates to choose from, still think that Bradley Wiggins deserves to win though.
Murray vs Wiggins?
One is the first Brit to win a 'major' for many many years.
One is the first Brit to win the tour de France - ever!
Wiggins gets my vote out of the 2. I think Murray will win though. Tennis is more popular, Scotland win vote for Murray whereas the rest of Briton will be split between the 2.
If it's down to personality clearly it's Wiggins over Murray,
It's it's down to achievement in a single event then the TdF beats Tennis.
The Olympic's deserve to have a winner representing their achievements .
Has anyone other than Wiggins excelled in their own sport and then gone on to take Olympic gold?

The answer is obvious I feel.
Murray can still achieve more this year; if he wins the ATP world tour finals he has a semi-realistic chance of ending the year as no. 1. In the era of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic that would be an outstanding achievement, even if Nadal has been injured.
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