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OK before the Olympics it was Wiggo.. Then he won gold in the time trial.. And bookies.. ACTUALY.. paid out. No Really, they did. Then came Super Saturday, 6 golds in a day. Golds for Jess and Mo and so much more. AND its not over yet. . . . OK you may not want to answer this yet. BUT what is your 'call' for the BBC SPORT PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR. remember Andy has TWO shots at GOLD. fingers crossed.

EDIT : Gold and Silver for Andy, Did he need the double gold to get the BBC POTY ?
FB has it.
At this point of time I can't see beyond Jess or Wiggo, even in Lewis or Jenson get a second WDC I don't think they'd win.
For me Wiggo just (& only just) edges it for the Tour De France coup,
But there's still lots of time for more to come to prominence, who knows who will shine in the Paralympics...
Jessica Ennis is the most rounded, i.e. she does more than one 'sport'.

As it is a public vote, who the Hell knows!
Is it only ever awarded to the actual sportsmen or do managers, coaches etc ever get nominated? After all they are sports personalities too, right?
A pointless media driven show so no interest from me I'm afraid :)
Me neither I never watch it just like I never watch the Oscars or any other show that think people deserve a pat on the back just for doing their chosen job or career, it is like promoting narcissism.


Oh echo you are soo lovely I could stare at you until I die.....
On the subject of Bradley Wiggins, are we all just completely ruling out the possibility that he took performance enhancing drugs for the Tour de France then? Is this because he's British so he would never possibly do such a thing?

I'll laugh if it turns out to be the case. I don't care how strongly he denied it when people commented on it, I'm also not accusing him of taking drugs. I think my main point is that the Tour de France is such a complete farce now that it shouldn't really be acknowledged as the thing is full of cheating bastards.
We're completely ruling out the possibility of Wiggins taking performance-enhancing drugs for various reasons:

First, he is innocent until he is proven guilty. And the UCI have no qualms about chucking out a champion they find cheating.

Second, his performances are (shall we say) far more plausable in terms of physiology than ever were those of the Armstrong era, for example.

And third, he has improved in a predictable and gradual way. It's not just come out of nowhere.

In addition, cyclists do more dope tests than anyone else.
This is probably more suited to a different thread but I would be keen on seeing your proof that "the thing is full of cheating bastards" Bus Stop Chicane
An accusation with such a broad brush surely needs to be backed with some evidence.
Would agree with the comments of gethinceri and teabagyokel about Bradley Wiggins, that i would say that Bradley Wiggins is a clean athlete and there is no reason that he has taken performance enhancing drugs. It is not as if he has suddenley burst on the scene from nowhere, it has been a plan of team Sky to have a winner of the tour de France. Instead of knocking him, lets's bask in the glory of him being successful.
When some wins the first thing people say is drugs, the Americans said it about that Chinese girl in the swimming and the 15 year old Lithuanian, all these athletes have to go through drug testing when they win, it is not for us to point the finger....
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