Television BBC hemorrhaging sports. Is it worth the money?

Yeah, I like Doctor Who too. I can't for the life of me understand why folks on here dislike it so! You should also know that your TV license pays for the BBC to make some absolutely stunning documentaries in conjunction with networks like the Discovery Network. Sports are not the only entertainment that's on TV you know.
No disrespect to you guys now living over seas but in most cases you get a 'best of the BBC'. (I know in Holland you get BBC1 so that doesn't count). The BBC does do some things very very well but they are getting fewer and fewer. The driver for audiance numbers between the BBC and ITV means that the core values of the BBC to act as a public service broadcaster have largely gone by the wayside. Oh, and I like Dr Who as well.
I dont blame the bbc/terrestrial tv sporting wise its because I would say a combo of pay tv flexing their muscles & sporting ceo favouring greed over viewing figures

But that not to say that pay tv is a bad thing, in my opinion sky sports have taken coverage of formula 1 & football to another level which is brilliant but we need a comprise that keeps the viewing figures because its free to air coverage that will inspire the next generation of sporting nation just take ashes as a great example so many 18/21 yr old cricketers coming thru the system inspired by ashes but in comparison 09 & 13 on sky didnt have the same effect as 05 on channel 4 same with Lewis world champs in 08 & 14 so id change the crown jewels to a longer list like Australia do but also making it so that if you want more detail pay tv are still they to pump the money into sport like the bbc/bt sport fa cup coverage

- all 20 races live on bbc, but all sessions practice, qualifying & race live on sky sports
- open championship + final day of masters
-entirely of Wimbledon
- all England 20/20 world cup games + final on free to air but all the other games on pay tv
- entirety of Wimbledon
- ashes home series on free to air but all other England series on pay tv
- 20 premier league games on free to air
- all home nations football/rugby games in their countries free to air
+ plus all the events currently on the crown jewel list

We should follow Australia in protecting free-to-air sport
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The BBC have now lost 50% of the Rugby Six Nations home games from 2016 as they have entered into a sharing agreement with ITV. At least the games will be shown free to air. Apparently Sky bid for it but it wasn't much more than the current deal.
Half the Freeview channels would have to close if the BBC were not there. What have I watched recently? Andrew Marr most weeks, Question Time ditto, Horizon, series on the Spanish Armada, Doctors, News, Casualty, Victorian Farm, Monty Don, a number of mini-series, classic films and an assortment of odds and sods including sports. The spread of what is on is far broader than anywhere else, I am surprised that there are people who do not find anything there to watch.

What I doon't want to watch is wall to wall films, most of which are repeated ad infinitum because there simply are not enough films made to cover one a day let alone twenty four hours a day seven days a week.
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