The end of F1 on the BBC?

Lineker now does the European football stuff for BT so maybe there is some room to negotiate now he has a second income.
The BBC were always going to drop F1 when the money got tight. A minority sport in their eyes. Bernie was never going to make it easy for them, as far as he's concerned, if we want to watch, get Sky. He makes his money from the race tracks and Sky, enough to not care for the BBC to be of no interest to him.
I think the fact you have a British world champion .... a regular winner and some British success to cheer about is good enough to keep it on TV.

I should add the interest in F1 is going down so not having it on terrestrial TV would make it difficult to have such global appeal again.

ITV might well consider bidding for it again seeing they no longer have champions league football which was their crown jewel
They are moving BBC Three on-line as the target audience tend to view most of the content there. It's dinosaurs like me that still flick channels on terrestrial TV trying to find something to watch. As for F1, I haven't watched it on the BBC since Sky started it's coverage and even if they were to show all the races I still wouldn't.

F1 is a minority sport so why should the Beeb shell out licence fee payers money to cover it? If it's commercially viable let ITV, Channel 4 or C5 pay the money CVC want for the rights. If CVC are happy to take what is probably more money for fewer viewers well, that's up to them. I believe else where in Europe, apart from Germany, F1 is already on pay per view.

Anyway, I'm sure the BBC has yet another production of Poldark to fund and won't that be money well spent.
F1 is a minority sport so why should the Beeb shell out licence fee payers money to cover it?


I thought it was the other way around?...

Major events go on Sky and the sports noboby watches remain on terrestrial?
BBC3 rightly should go online because it is aimed at a different audience - teenagers and young adults

At this rate the BBC will only show the news and Eastenders
And a whole load of drama programmes which make money, current affairs programmes, general interest programmes, science programmes and loads more which take away audience from ITV.

I'm a celebrity.... makes me change channel, as does Jeremy Kyle and many more.
Just to note - the BBC has lost the Olympic Games. It has lost half the Six Nations, too.

That earth movement in the vicinity of David Colman's grave will be broadcast on Sky Sports 4 at 4:30 tomorrow.

They used to say that the BBC were the best. Alan Shearer, Andrew Castle, Eddie Jordan, Robbie F. Savage. All on the BBC. Shit.
The biggest problem for the beeb is that Sky and BT are quite happy to pay far more than the actual worth of the rights to capture these sports. Great Britain has a new World Heavyweight boxing champ but you wouldn't have seen it because it was on Sky box office at £16.50. They must generate enough money from sales to justify it but anyone remember the last time anyone gave a toss about boxing?

There must come a time when people will no longer be able to afford or for that matter give a toss in any great measure to warrent pumping the cash in to subscription services.
The current rumour is that the BBC have backed out of the deal three years early.
They will have to pay a hefty termination fee to Ecclestone, although they will save approximately £60m per season so will still be better off overall.

Apparently ITV are going to broadcast F1 again from 2016 - with half the races live and half shown in a highlights program.
I won't miss the BBC show to be honest, it has been the worst set of presenters I can remember. So long as ITV don't show adverts through the race (which they thankfully dropped during their last stint showing F1) then hopefully things can only get better.
And no EJ please! And if they hire DC then at least hire someone else who's got a bit of enthusiasm alongside him.
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