The end of F1 on the BBC?

It won't make any difference to me.

Even if I was still in the UK for next season, I'd be ironing to races on Sky, not ITV.
I've been downloading the Sky coverage even when I had to wait longer than just watch the BBC. I just so much prefer Brundle & Croft. They keep me awake as opposed to sending me to sleep, and that's quite a feat considering how dull some of the racing has been.
While I never followed through on my Ferrari-esque threat to quit watching F1 all together I do now, not give a flying fig if I miss a race live. Normally I'll record it and watch it as live until the fast forward button comes into play when things get dull.

The coverage these days is pretty much dull on which ever channel you watch. The only thing that brightens the beebs coverage is Suzie. :heart:

I would imagine DC will go with the coverage.

I just hope after 2016 I don't have to hear "and here are the thoughts of Christian Horner on the Red Bull pit wall "
ITV don't show adds during formula-e races me thinks. Though I haven't watched any of it this year as yet. I was saving it for the F1 withdrawl symptoms over winter.
If they do a split screen with the race still shown in the corner, that would be some compromise if they do insist on showing ads.

ITV showed the 7 way leadership debate before the election and went the full debate without a single advert. So they can do it.

I agree, they can do it; however, the leadership debate cost them precisely nothing; F1 is likely to cost then £20million per season for the rights, and then the same amount again to fly their TV people out to each of the circuits...

I'm still unsure about what is the benefit of sending commentators around the world to watch an F1 race, or a football match for that matter, when they can get better coverage from the TV studio at home!!!
i feel for bbc because under jake humphrey the coverage was brilliant but then sky sports & bt sport (jake) basically cleaned out the best people from tv & radio (bar DC) & leaving bbc with half the races also 2nd choice people. & i mean no disrespect to them because they are good at their job otherwise they wouldnt be there, but you went from jake to suzi, brundle to edwards ted kravitz to tom clarkson

must say if the rumours are correct then i am surprised because it was strongly rumoured to be channel 4, @f1broadcasting even went as far to have a mock schedule. but they do have money spare from champions & europa league coverage. might be harsh but commercial tv (itv, ch4, ch5) is possibly the best place for f1 right now because its in a bad place you could argue worst 4 years since schumi dominance of 2000/2004 (with 2003/2012 being the exceptions) but for itv its not hard to to find a presenter, if they could get rozental to re-present or steve rider in a job share with BTCC
How long do Formula E races last? 45 minutes? And much cheaper than F1. I It could happen without ads but I won't be going to the bookies to find out the odds, I'd be better putting it on McLaren each way.:whistle:
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