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Series 1 Lesson 3 today your topic is:

1. Which is the second longest circuit on the 2011 calendar?


2. How long is the Silverstone track?

5.901km 3.667 miles

3. How long would it take to get from Valencia to Barcelona?
3 hours 26 minutes (Half point for 3 hours 10 to 3 hours 36

4. Which is longer, Nurburgring to Monza or Silverstone to Spa?
Nurburgring to Monza is 784km Silverstone to spa is 403km

5. Which is longer, The race distance of Spa (44 laps) or Spa to the Nurburgring?
The race distance of Spa!

6. How far away in kilometres is the Buddh International circuit from Abu Dhabi?
5,257 (Half point for 50 out each way)

7. How long would that journey take?
2 days 21 hours!

8. What is the race lap record at Yeongam?
1:39.605 by Seb Vettel 2011 (half a point for 5 tenths either way)

9. How long did it take Pedro de la Rosa to complete the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix?
4hours 5 minutes 42.244 (Half point for 8 tenths either way)

10. What is the pole lap record of Yeongam?
1.35.585 Seb Vettel 2010
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