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Harumph. Again.
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I cant help thinking that since putting the limit on the free views, the content of each article has got lighter. Each article now seems like it should be a part of a larger article, it seems like a story is being spun out over several articles.

Or am I imagining things?


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Good to see that Autosport can tell the difference between Sir Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda.


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Good to see following form as a digital tabloid. Boobs like that remind me, otherwise I might get tempted to subscribe!:D

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It would be very expensive to keep track of the identity of all the PCs accessing your server. All Autosport does is set a cookie on your PC that keeps track of your visits, which costs them very little. Delete the Autosport cookie off your PC and the count goes to zero.

The really good stuff is never laid out in the free online articles anyway.


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So Mark Hughes has left Autosport and is now writing for Motor Sport. Will be interesting to see whether there's more F1 coverage in the latter going forwards, I felt that recently they've had the balance about right. Also how he fits into the team there with Nigel Roebuck (or not).


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Nigel Roebuck and Giorgio Piala are both rejoining Autosport. It was mentioned by Zak Brown on Autosport by their chairman Zak Brown.
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