Astronomy, Ted, and Fora and NASA on your screen


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What in the Universe, you may say. Quite right.

I've only just discovered this corner of the forums (deary me!), I love space, me. Love it. Not that I know anything.

Some linkages :

Bad Astronomy

- Very intelligent blog about the Universe and everything in it. Mostly astronomical/cosmological but some other aspects of Science too. Thoroughly recommend it.

TED conference talk from Jill Tarter, the Chair for the SETI Institute

- A TED conference talk where she talks about the importance of SETI and the implications of what we might hope to achieve. All TED talks are limited to 18 minutes.

There are plenty of other talks regarding space exploration and science in a wider place, so check them out.

Fora TV

- A similar medium to TED, but it's not a specific conference : instead, it's a site dedicated to a wide variety of conferences, talks and discussions about all sorts of things, beyond science and space. But I picked it primarily because of some excellent chats with people like the aforementioned Jill Tarter, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marcus Chown (cosmology writer for New Scientist and author - very good too!), and plenty more.

The talks on Fora tend to be much longer than on TED's 18 minutes, so if you're really interested, give it a shot, plenty to find on there.


- Did you know NASA broadcasts it's operations almost 24h a day? And when there are specific events you can see exclusive and in-depth live video about them? Yes? Well, sorry to waste your time. But if you didn't already know, you do now. Usually quite intriguing during a spacewalk or re-entry into orbit.

And there we have it. :goodday:
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