Poll Are the new regulations working?

Are the new regulations working?

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yeah just looking 2007 was 4.55m long & 1.79m wide. 2022 5.5m long & 2m wide. although interestly ive seen looking that since 2007 the engine weight has doubled from 70kg to 150kg
thinking of this 18 months in. racing isnt as good as ross brawn promised. but i still think its better than 2010s. but the main point is that i think cost cap looks like it could be fantastic for the sport. Because like everything this season. you need to remove Red bull.

but currently in F1 for 1st time in decades. nobody would know what car is the best currently. you never know from 1 race to the next who would be quicker. drivers finishing 2nd 1 week & 8th the next & the last 7 races. are so mixed up
Australia - Mercedes
Baku - Ferrari
Miami - Aston Martin
Monaco - Aston Martin
Spain - Mercedes
Canada - Aston Martin
Austria - Ferrari

mclaren seemingly joining the party with alpine looking like they have potential to as well
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