Another season draws to a close


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In keeping with tradition, it's that time of year again.

I know the year isn't over yet (before you post something to that effect Greenlantern101 ;)), but we’re down to the last few days of the season and traditionally the site gets very quiet for the next few months.
In fact, activity is already down to 25% of what it was just a week or two ago.

So while we’re all still around (well, those of us who still are), I wanted to once again thank everyone who has helped out running the site, contributed unique content, supported us financially, made threads and posts, made us laugh, pull our hair out, and everything in between, and helped the community grow.

To start with, a huge thanks to all the staff, both current and former, for their time and effort in making sure this place runs smoothly and doesn't implode when a certain driver doesn't do very well…
It’s not an easy job moderating a site, especially one with so many, let’s call them "ardent" ;) fans, and they all do an excellent job with very little thanks or appreciation.

A special thank you to Galahad for once again running a hugely successful Fantasy F1 game and doing the overtaking data and statistics. Again.

In line with that, a massive thanks to Mike for creating the Overtaking add-on which is far better than the single page we had previously.

We also owe canis a debt of gratitude for very generously donating the super fast server the site is now hosted on.

And a late entry in this year's roll call for ZakspeedYakspeed for kicking off our first prize competition.

Finally, a huge thanks to all the members who continue to help the site grow as we approach our fifth birthday.

Cheers everyone :)
I second all the big thanks to the staff and add a big thank you to Brogan for without him there would be no Clip The Apex.

As for downtime in the winter - I find I write more articles because you nutters are the only people who will listen to me going on about F1 in the close season!

So heres to a cozy winter of discussing whether HRT will turn up for testing, whether Mclaren will be ready on time, what name Kimi will be entering snow mobile races under, which ridiculous rule change Bernie is going to suggest, whether the Bahrain GP will actually be on and of course who will win the title in 2013! All that and I raise a glass to the fact that each and everyone of us will probably be wrong about it all!

Viva CTA!

Edit: and if I really get bored I might even revive the F1 Files!
Have to say Brogan, you've set up an awesome forum for us passionate F1 fans to have a real good debate. All of the members on this site are fantastic and I think that you can get into a really good debate without anyone turning nasty on each other, that's one thing that drew me to this site :).

Keep up the good work and i'm really looking forward to taking on the FF1 cup next year :).
I can only say that one of the best things for me about the internet in general is CTA. This site is exceptional. I've never found a forum,which is as carefully moderated and taken care of as this one. I also don't know any community which is as knowledgeable and interesting as this one. So I have to thank all staff and members for making this possible. Coming here is always a big pleasure!! Thank you all
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