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Good day. I would like to get informed about the amateur racing culture, especially in United Kingdom. As far as i know, if you love racing you should buy a car for 1000£-2000£, modify it and race. I think it is expensive and i search for solutions to enable non-rich people to race on weekends with their friends(paying 30-50 GBP per 1 hour set by hiring a vehicle).After some computations i have found out that monthly costs for such business will be more than 200 000 GBP excluding track hire. And it is interesting to note that 90% of costs come from fuel,tire and braking consumption. Than is why it is needed to find some technical solutions in order to reduce costs but to keep the racing spirit and fun on the same level. For example:
1.using double size go-karts
2. using Jedi
3. using MX5 despite the fact that it is a saloon car and it is costly
4. building an own vehicle with reduced weight,rpm and bhp
5. using an electric drive that will totally reduce fuel costs
6. Using inside and outside roll cages that will reduce damage and thus,costs.

Please provide some more technical and maybe business solutions about my idea. Thank you.

P.S I kindly ask you not to write about possible business drawbacks that i would face(financial,marketing,demand,track hire,etc). Because if there is no product(vehicle), there is no business. Thank you very much.
Many years ago the BBC used to show car trials on Saturday afternoons. These were similar to motor cycle trials in that you had to go through tricky stages, incurring points for errors, there was a driver and a passenger. I remember seeing seeing passengers bouncing up and down on the back of the car during muddy sectors to get the wheels to have some grip.

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The cheapest form of motor sport is amateur rallying and you only need a few hundred pounds to compete. Here's a few links:

I might even look at having a go myself.
I did that in my late teens and early twenties and believe it or not because it is never reported I gave it up after seeing one to many of my competitors killed the one that did my head in was where the driver wrapped his mini round a tree killing his brother who was the navigator the problem is or was the cars were bought cheap and modified with no regulations and so they were basically death traps...
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