Alonso's & Fans' Expectations When Behind Massa In A Grand Prix

Are you suggesting Ferrari Managment break one of their drivers legs each season on the flip of a coin?!

[CosaNostra]'Sorry Fernando, you got heads which means your knees'[/CosaNostra]
I have to say for starters that maybe I was a little Harsh on Massa in the last Race, Massa starting to pull away from Alonso once they cleared Alonso is something that completly elapsed my memory and I did think the Gap was bigger then 10 seconds then whey crossed the line at the end of the Race.

So what is expected when Massa comes up behind Alonso?
Well here is the problem when it comes to "Fans expectations " There have been mixed messages to weather there are Team Orders or Not. you look at Germany 10' where it was quite obvious there was team orders, The way Massa as "defended" against Alonso at times. And then on the other Hand Ferrari deny any team orders, and you have Massa race engineer coming out and saying that There allowed to Race.

If Domenicalli came out and gave a clear yes or No when asked about Team Orders between Alonso and Massa. then it would be for us to have an opinon.

Me personally I have have never had a problem with Team Orders, although i don't like it and have no problem with Massa letting Alonso through without defending. but with the Talent I believe Massa is i would also expect that Massa hangfs on to Alonsos coat strings too, and that always hasn't been the case.

If there wasn't I would expect Massa to race Alonso has Hard and Fast as he would anybody else. That would be what id expect if i was a team Boss. I wouldn't expext Massa to give him anymore inches then he would with anybody else in a differnt coloured car.

I think the main thing we need is clarity from Ferrari though. Then everbody would jnow what to expect, and then critise them, or praise them for it, Without Massa getting perhaps some undsevered heat for it.
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