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AN: Look, Christian, have you seen how much Ferrari are offering me?
CH: Yes, no, er maybe, Red Bull Ring. How much?
AN: Of course, if I were to leave F1, as I would like to, I would need to get some money from somewhere to finance it.
CH: Yes, no, er maybe. Supposing we were to give you lots of cash to not go to Ferrari but to do your own thing on sports cars, boats and vacuum cleaners?
AN: Well, I never thought of that, it would be nice wouldn't it?

The two shake hands and walk off into the sunset. It is noticeable that one of them is having trouble walking due to his feet erratically tapping.


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So, had Newey offer in the May from Ferrari or not?
Who is more troll?
Marco Mattiacci or Helmut Marko?


Why the **** doesn't an F1 designer use dermal denticles in a cars design? If they were placed correctly such as the underside of the wings and the underside of the car and in the diffuser it would decrease drag and increase downforce it is fluid dynamics 101.


It would also increase fuel efficiency by at least 10% thus saving weight..

Edit again.

This is just a theory that I have but all the evidence points to it being accurate...
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Mephistopheles maybe its cost related or hard to form in carbon fibre or a time issue or all 3. Or maybe its just a shit idea. The top aerodynamisits that work in F1 must have looked at this and ruled it out for what ever reason. I suspect it is the time (time is money) problem, the manufacturing hours to make a surface that looks like this must be huge and remember the wings change practically every race never mind the damaged ones.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 09.18.43.png

Shark skin under electron microscope.

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I seem to recall the red bull tea tray being secured by a very large number of overly large rivets, far more tban necessary.

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Similarly about 15 years ago, one of the teams started experimenting with a coating for the top of the wings that when a current passed through it, it became ribletted, creating about 20 vortices on the rear wing, instead of just 2, and lots more downforce. When the current turned off, it went smooth again, giving less drag. It was, of course, illegal...


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Just caught up with the first round of the BRDC F4 and was interested to note that Adrian's son 'Harri' is racing in it this year and actually looks pretty quick.

Should we expect to see Harri made a Red Bull junior in order to prompt his Dad to get more involved with the team again?


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Very unserious. They have surfaced at the same time that Red Bull and Renault are negotiating with engine supply. Not coincidence.

Newry is still only on loan from McLaren anyway......well according to Ron.


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Based on the step forward Honda made in Canada, now seems an unwise time to leave Red Bull (something for Danny Ric to note too)


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I guess it could happen. Given he has offered the opinion previously that the Renault engine is the one thing holding his car back though I think I'll put it in the 'believe it when I see it' silly season pile.
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