Abu Dhabi's OT reaction


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It seems that the bigwigs at the Yas Marina Circuit want a circuit which produces more overtaking than the one they've got. :cheer:


As we know, the typical response in the U.A.E. to a problem is to chuck money at it, and I would have to agree with the idea that the circuit should change.

Having an overtaking section without an instant chicane on the end would be a good idea for me, although apparently there are problems aerodynamically with slipstreaming in the Abu Dhabi atmosphere.

At times it feels like they're on the moon there; but good luck to them!
This is from the same guy who in practice last year said he and the circuit owners would be happy to modify the circuit if it was to allow better racing.


I say, nuke it.
Lot's of overtaking a circuits this shape, shall I suggest it?

Straighten out that chicane before the hairpin in sector 1, that would make overtaking a lot easier.
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