A long wait


This quiz concerns long waits, and drivers that 'bridged' those gaps. Watch for the crazy points system, and see if you can spot it. Its worth a very strange 366 points.

1. Riccardo Patrese won in South Africa in 1983, but his next win came over 6 years later at the 1990 San Marino GP? Who else was entered for both Grand Prix? (7 drivers)

Andrea de Cesaris (122)
Nelson Piquet (34)
Derek Warwick (105)
Thierry Boutsen (103)
Nigel Mansell (90)
Michele Alboreto (127)
Alain Prost (7)
Maximum Question Score (590)

2. Luca Badoer was thought to be long gone from Formula 1 until his surprise return in 2009. Who also raced in both the 1999 Japnese GP and the 2009 European GP? (3 drivers)
Rubens Barrichello (73)
Giancarlo Fisichella (150)
Jarno Trulli (131)
Maximum Question Score (354)

3. Its unthinkable these days, especially for those that lived the 'Schumacher' years, but Ferrari didn't win a Grand Prix between Alain Prost's 1990 Spanish GP victory, and Gerhard Berger's 1994 German GP victory. Which other drivers also entered on both occasions? (7 drivers)
Michele Alboreto (169)
Andrea de Cesaris (166)
Pierluigi Martini (166)
Eric Bernard (161)
Jean Alesi (133)
David Brabham (170)
Bertrand Gachot (170)
Maximum Question Score (1135)

4. Jan Lammers re-appeared even more surprisingly than Luca Badoer did at the end of 1992. Who also entered the two Grand Prix that bookended his long absence, the 1982 French GP and the 1992 Japanese GP? (3 drivers)
Michele Alboreto (121)
Andrea de Cesaris (139)
Riccardo Patrese (75)
Maximum Question Score (335)

There's a total of 2750 :o points to be won. Good luck!
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