606 at its best! & Ferrari at their worst!


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So, I'm going to post a response on 606 to an article called "Di Montezemelo slams Singapore circuit"

NikosBg (U13128545) on 606 said:
Time after time Ferrari's No.2 has been making the golden boy look 2nd tier and Grade B. Those 7 tenths on 3 laps in a row were truly embarrassing.

The golden boy has a big mouth but is being beaten hands down on the racetrack, so he has to wait for divine inspiration and rely on others' mistakes: Alonso/Piquet/Webber not to get a qualy lap when he's 10th and panicking, Massa's engine to blow up when he's 15 seconds ahead & cruising, the rain to fall or stop at the right moment, the safety car to come out when the gap is getting bigger and bigger, the pit lights to fail, his hose to get stuck, the FIA to penalize him for the pitstop etc.

Quite apart from the fact that its got nothing to do with the subject in hand he seems to not notice that the rain stopped at precisely the wrong moment for LH at Monza and that he's in an inferior car.

By the way, do you think that if Ferrari had won this Grand Prix, Di Montezemelo would be slating the circuit at Singapore? Like they slated the worse circuit at Valencia? Thats funny, me too!
NikosBg has been posting hate against Hamilton for a little while on 606. He doesn't seem to know much about motorsport and might not even have watched the races. It would be easy to post his "the golden boy is rubbish he was lucky" crap without actually seeing events on the telly. He gets facts seriously wrong which suggests that he might be relying on the write-up in The Sun or The Star. Or he might just be self-deluding.

And what does he mean by golden "boy"? I haven't seen him say anything explicitly racist (unlike, say, other posters who do make racists comments about Hamilton) but all that hate towards an F1 driver! Why?
We've been over this before guys.

What happens on 606 should stay on there and it's best if we just let them get on with it.
I've also edited out reference to a poster.

Hope you all understand.

Is only because Ferrari did badly that monte is mouthing off there is no doubt about that, not only to take people's minds off the pitstop fiasco, but mainly due to Ferrari not winning. Valencia was a much worse track but funnily enough he didnt have anything to say about that one, i wonder why.

And for him to say that it was an insult to F1 just goes to show how arrogant he is.
I daresay di Montezemelo believes that any track where Ferrari don't win is insulting to F1.

Here is a list of things that makes a track an insult to F1 by LdM!

  • A possibility of rain
  • In Great Britain or Germany, where McLaren-Mercedes may get a level of support
  • With crash barriers close enough for Kimi to run into
  • With gravel traps rather than tarmaced run-off areas
  • A track design that leaves a possibility of overtaking, in case Lewis gets racy
  • A track where the stewards will not punish unsafe release if there's a semi-automatic pit-lane system
  • A track without long, sweeping corners
  • A track where the stewards will punish you for cutting a chicane, ceding an advantage and being in a faster (albeit silver) car

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