Pre-GP Quiz 2018 Singapore Grand Prix Quiz


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I hope you all enjoy this.

1. Singapore has only been hosting races again since 2008, but another track on this years
calendar is celebrating it’s 30th race, can you name the track?
Suzuka, Japan

2. Takuma Sato appeared in F1 from 2002 to 2008 and drove for three teams, his last
team being Super Aguri, can you name his other two teams?
Jordan & BAR (Half a point for each)

3. We all think there isn’t enough overtaking in F1 these days, especially on street tracks
like Singapore, but the most overtakes in a dry F1 race happened as recently as 2016, can
you name the track on which that happened?

4. From 1986 to 1991 Honda engines powered the cars of six consecutive Constructors
Championship winners, can you name the two teams involved? Half a point for each
Williams & McLaren

5. The first gp of Singapore happened in 2008, we all know Alonso won the race in
controversial circumstances, but one driver had a nightmare pitstop and pulled away with
the fuel hose still attached, thus ending his race. Who was it?
Felipe Massa

6. Toyota claimed in their adverts they were ‘The car in front’ which was more often than
not sadly untrue when it came to F1. They claimed their first pole position with Jarno
Trulli at the wheel, can you name the circuit and the year?
U.S.A. in 2005

7. To date only one driver has claimed 4 wins in Singapore, but three teams have
managed 3 wins each there, can you name them all?
Sebastian Vettel, Ferrai, Red Bull & Mercedes (Half a
point for two or more answers, a full point if you manage all four)

8. In 1988 the McLaren Honda was the most dominant car on track with Senna and Prost
as their drivers, oh how different things have been recently, but how many of the 16
scheduled races for that season did they win between them?

9. In November 2008 it was the Toyota of Timo Glock struggling on slick tyres when the
rain came down which Hamilton managed to pass putting him into 4th place, thus he won
the championship. We all know Massa, who had won the race, thought he was champion
for those few heartbreaking minutes, but do you remember who stood on the podium with
him that day?
2nd Jarno Trulli, 3rd Kimi Raikkonen (Half a point for each

10. In 2010 Fernando Alonso became the first man to win the Singapore race twice,
however he did it with two different teams. Can you name the teams? Half a point for
Renault & Ferrari
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