3 race engine rule dropped


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So it's official (ish).
The FIA has dropped the 3 race engine rule in favour of a new rule which prohibits teams from using more than 8 engines in 1 season.

Each driver may use no more than eight engines during a championship season.
Should a driver use more than eight engines, he will drop 10 places on the starting grid at any event during which an additional engine is used.

What this means is drivers can use new engines on the more demanding circuits and used engines on slightly "easier" circuits such as Monaco.

On the flip-side, if a driver uses his 8 engines before the season is finished then he will receive a 10 place penalty grid drop at all remaining races.
That could have huge implications on the championship, although reliability seems to be a lot better these days and with the maximim rev's dropped even further to 18,000 then engines should be under less stress than before.

I feel though it is just another "cost saving measure" which could have adverse implications on the racing and championships.
We shall have to wait and see...

Report here: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/17012009/58/fia-drops-three-race-engine-rule.html

Although Martin Whitmarsh claims the rules are still unclear: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/72845

As ever, whenever the FIA is invloved, the rules are as clear as mud...
So, given that there are 17 races this year, one engine will have to go through 3 race weekends. Will that engine be used at the 3 "easiest" circuits on the engines. Also, will they be able to say use Engine 1 for the first race, Engine 2 for the second race, then Engine 1 again for race three and Engine 2 for the fourth race, per say?
Boyle99 said:
Also, will they be able to say use Engine 1 for the first race, Engine 2 for the second race, then Engine 1 again for race three and Engine 2 for the fourth race, per say?
That's as I understand it although I expect the teams are trying to get this clarified right now.

I expect though as the engines are sealed, it wouldn't be ideal to use engine 1 for race 1 and then the next time for the last race of the season.
I can't imagine it would be a good idea to stick an engine on the shelf for 3 months in between uses.
The other change of course, is that previously the two-race engine rule didn't include Friday practice sessions, for which teams used to fit other "free" engines.

Now, the eight engines will have to get them through Fridays as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

I hope no-one has got tickets to Friday at GPs this year because I can't see the teams being too keen to put extra mileage on their engines unnecessarily.
dear me....

this starts to sound like higher maths to me! so just to get it all into perspective... we have 8 engines per driver for the whole season. including the friday sessions, right. that would mean the life time of an engine has to be pretty much double from what it was last year. that is certainly pushing the envelope when it comes to engine reliability.

GM, am i paranoid in thinking this rule really benefits ferrari and mclaren? again, these are the bigger teams so one would expect them to be able to get more engineering to get coser to this reliability.

and this joker engine rule? is that still there? one other thing that is still not clear to me, is KERS obilgatory or not?

there are only so many changes a person can cope with in one season!
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