Grand Prix 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

already at 4th round of the season & back in Europe, if there was ever a positive of the global pandemic, it was the calendar reshuffle with Liberty Media & F1 going to circuits we would never have been to otherwise or was seen to cant afford it Mugello, Turkey, Portimao, Bahrain outer, Nurburgring & this weekends venue Imola, what was only supposed to be 1 off, 2 day weekend what is still the latest race to take place in europe beating jerez by a week. came back onto the calendar for the thrilling wet/dry race in 2021 & then last month it signed a deal to stayed on the calendar until 2025, which any old school circuit with history will have my backing.

but out of the Race track the region that circuit is named after Emilia-Romagna, seems like the hub of Italy. as according to what i was reading it is 1 of the wealthiest & most developed regions in Europe, Bologna, has 1 of Italy's highest quality of life, the home of the oldest university in the world University of Bologna founded in 1088, 8 years before Oxford University. the former Roman Empire capital of Ravenna, 11 UNESCO heritage sites, In 2018, the Lonely Planet guide named Emilia-Romagna as the best place to see in Europe & home of automotive companies such as Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Dallara, Ducati & of course Ferrari

although any chat of imola, it would be remiss of me to not chat about Ratsenberger & senna because tragically they will always be synonymous with this circuit & senna as you run down to turn 2 a weekend that has changed F1 forever, its sad that it took that for F1 to be that safe. or controversy that started between Pironi & Villeneuve, which actually the sprint race will be on the 40th anniversary of that infamous 1982 San Marino GP where the 2 teammates where told to hold station, Multi 2,728 Didier, Multi 2,728 Didier, while in the lead Villenueve made a small error at Piratella. rather than settle in behind Villeneuve, Pironi took the lead ahead of his teammate with 11 laps to go. Gilles thought this was faux war just to give the Tifosi value for money so the overtook each other multiple times, taking what he thought his rightful 1st place on penultimate lap & cruise to victories in successive years having won in 1981. However, on the final lap relationship would be broken irreparably, as Pironi got a run & passed him into Tosa. crossing the line just inches in front of Villeneuve. who was left furious and felt betrayed, vowing 2 things "this is war" & "I'll never speak to Pironi again in my life." sadly he wouldnt realised how true them the latter would be, as reportedly still driving angry 2 weeks later would tragically have a fatal accident on his final run at zolder after being determined to beat pironi & then 3 months later Pironi would have a fatal accident.

but back to present day our 1st sprint race of the season which could be a 1st as well because it looking quite wet on the friday but dry for saturday & sunday which will be fasinating with parc ferme closing after FP1 so set up could be very interesting, having a wet qualifying & dry sprint race. yes the sprint races are not what we expected but they did lead to 3 of the most dramatic races of the season. also sprint race was built for 2022 not 2021. & what im looking forward to is seeing Leclerc & sainz at Ferrari because not since schumacher era have Ferrari lead both championships having the best car coming into italy especially the real home of Ferrari

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That's got to be massively helpful for the opposition given the new levels of importance from the underside aerodynamics.
How many red flags was that?
during FP1 i was going to post have drivers forgotten how to race in the rain. but then i decided it was too harsh & didnt

because F1 has for the last (at least) 12 years. whether risk adverse Or Pirelli Full Wet Tyres arent made good enough or they dont have enough testing to make them good enough. because you think of far worse GPs than today that they raced in 90s & early 00s in cars that have much less downforce & yet these cars have to have a red flag until we end up in intermediate conditions. as proven my the numerous times you have cars pitting for inters a lap or 2 after the resumption
I think we need the softest tyres that last only 10 laps to make it exciting because racing at a third of a distance is still producing the same results as the main races

The idea behind it was to give throw a few curveballs and give fans more of a show but all we see is the top 2 teams dominance being made clear for the main race

Maybe they need to tweak a slight circuit change as well

They try to copy the F2 schedule of reverse grids sprint race which at least would make it exciting . Off course that would not work in F1 given what is at stake
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really enjoyed that sprint race. the rules were always more suited & made with new cars in mind & not 2021. so we got a false reading. to that great racing on 1 of "harder circuits" to overtake. bodes very well for action even if Red bull & Ferrari are miles ahead of everyone

but as the jungle drums say next season it will be a standalone championship next season at half distance instead . which will suit the format far better, id have it on Friday but it will be on Saturday
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Sorry, but I'm struggling to find an overtake without DRS. Unless you can defend with equal equipment then it's not an overtake it's a fake.

I've been saying for years that DRS should be free for all for everyone all around the circuit.

I want overtakes through talent and risk.

Free DRS would be the equivalent of making a mistake with the old manual gearbox.
i think DRS is better of 2 evils. we got the cars much closer now & overtaking is better than none. but i think they will have shorten the DRS zone at the end
Sod it, I'm in a mood...
Don't faff around with locations where it can be used. These are the "best drivers in the world"; give them the freedom to prove it.

The best have the talent to balance speed and adhesion and downforce to both attack and defend. Currently we just have press to pass.
Don't forget folks, this race is worth 25% more in points than the previous races so far this season. For what reason I'm not sure, but there you go.
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