Grand Prix 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

F1 is back!

After the excitement and controversy of 2021, the 2022 season gets underway at the Bahrain International Circuit this weekend. We have a "traditional" practice and qualifying, so no sprint race, with both qualifying and the race at 3.00 pm UK time. A late evening start in Bahrain which will run on in to the night.

What has testing (and the not testing session) told us? Personally, I have no idea which cars are fast or slow. I expect we will see the usual suspects at the front come qualie and the race, but this new formula has thrown up some very interesting aero developments, with each team pursuing quite different routes to try and make their car the fastest.

There are some new drivers, some team changes, and, totally unexpectedly, the return of Kevin Magnusson at Haas.

Will 2022 be another Hamilton/Verstappen battle for the Championship, or will we see George Russell, and the drivers at Ferrari and McLaren getting involved? I have my doubts that any of the other teams will be pushing for race wins, but I do anticipate the mid-field will be closer and more competitive. Don't be surprised if one team drops in a major change at some point in the season and leapfrogs up the grid as they get to grips with the new design rules.

It promises to be an exciting season. Hopefully the changes the FIA have made to the stewarding and race control personnel will help overcome some of the rather unpleasant "lobbying" we saw from many of the team in 2021. We certainly don't need any more moments of interpretation of the rule book from the officials at any of the races, either at the beginning or end of the season.

FP1 starts at midday on 18th, enjoy.
I haven't seen anyone mention Russell. He started 4 positions behind Hamilton and finished right behind him.

i mentioned him in my review of the race. i think Russell did a very good job & did everything that he was asked of & could realistically do

i thought despite everything i thought both mercedes drove well lewis did what he had to. get the best result he can which was qualify 5th & be 5th. then take advantage if others misfortune. if it happens. even russell recovered straight away from 9th - 7th off the grid, then despatched magnussen quickly (bottas wouldve likely stay behind him until the end of 1st stint) & stayed 6th until he was kept out too long lost 3 secs a lap. only 5 seconds from hamilton, which is quite a decent mercedes "debut"
I haven't seen anyone mention Russell. He started 4 positions behind Hamilton and finished right behind him.
So what.

He should have started alongside Hamilton.

He has the third best car on the track so it's no big deal getting past cars he should have out qualified anyway.
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