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Has anyone checked the weather forecast for Sochi? I just have and it looks like it could be wet. This might be good news as the circuit hasn't provided too much in the way of excitement in the 6 previous races. However, after Spa, I think all F1 fans will look at a wet race weekend with a great degree of trepidation. F1 cars can race in the rain, the question is will the powers that be in F1 allow them to. Perhaps the impact of Spa, and the negative reaction to the race that really wasn't, will make them try a little harder to get the race underway.

After the events in Monza we know that Hamilton and Verstappen will be the focus of media attention. Mercedes have a perfect record at Sochi having won all the previous events, even the two races which took place in 1913 and 1914. Max will have to work hard this weekend to challenge the Mercedes, at least the one piloted by Lewis. It will be very interesting to see how Valterri Bottas reacts to losing his seat at Mercedes in 2022, his record at Sochi is very good and whether he will be quite as compliant to any team orders remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez has the reassurance of another year at Red Bull despite not achieving what I'm sure the management team at MK would have hoped of him so may not be there to support Max's efforts to win the race.

Behind these two teams, or perhaps the two No. 1 drivers at the two top teams, Monza showed that F1 can provide close, competitive racing. McLaren will be on a high, Ferrari are getting there. Alpha Tauri and Alpine can push hard from the midfield, Aston Martin and Williams are starting to pick up the pace and with a careful strategy (and a little luck) can pick up some useful points. Alfa Romeo and Haas will also be taking part.

Will it rain? What impact will a wet race have on the two title protagonists? Could Sochi throw up another strange result, such as we saw in Hungary and in Italy? Will Bottas continue to be a good teammate to Hamilton?

There is no sprint race this weekend but there are F3 and F2 races to keep us entertained before the main event. The race is 53 laps and I hope will be entertaining. Enjoy!
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I wonder if anyone else has any views about Alonso's deliberate shortcut in turn 2? He had gone out and effectively tested how quickly he could get through that run off area on his drive to the pits, and then didn't make any attempt to make the corner at the start of the race, gaining several positions in the act.

Personally, I'd have thrown the book at him for that.
Great to see Hamilton win his 100th race victory but there really were some cockups by the other teams - slow pit stops for Ricciardo, Perez and others, some cars brought in too early for the first stop. And as for McLaren keeping Norris out - that was beyond stupid. Verstappen also got pretty lucky too in the end though, as did Bottas.
rufus_mcdufus - whilst I agree with you about Norris, when Hamilton stopped, and Norris didn't, they really needed to roll the dice. The only way they could win then was by staying out. Stupid move, in hindsight, but, if the heavy rain hadn't arrived, it could have been a genius move.
Button is/was overrated.
Button went up against
  • WDC Villeneuve
  • WDC Hamilton
  • WDC Alonso
Before joining each of these teammates, it was predicted that heโ€™d be humiliated. Yet, in each case, he beat them over the course of at least one season. So clearly, Hamilton and Alonso must be overrated (or Button is underrated)
yes delighted for Hamilton outstanding 100 wins. i think record will be tough to beat & probably experience not talent won the day today

i was utterly heartbroken for Norris, as he had driven so well & it such a brave drive. it reminded me of the despair watching lewis in china 07, screaming at the TV to pit & lewis lost a championship then he learned. because on Lap 50 it looked an inspired decision because he had 48 second lead & could have lost 10 seconds a lap. but by lap 51 it was a disaster nobody expected that deluge that quickly. Jenson Button made a career out of decisions like that & ive seen races where he could keep it on track when nobody else could & looked impossible.

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