Rugby 2019 Rugby World Cup


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And you wonder why Scotland want to leave the racist English. The last few replies explain everything perfectly. Disgusting.


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Don't worry Greenlantern... It won't be long ;)

Probably by accident.
Then you can claim the wall is there to keep us out :D


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Greenlantern101 - my apologies if my post offended, that wasn't the intention. I thought it was amusing in a satirical sort of way. Happy for it to be deleted if necessary.


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im not sure if he's serious or not because I thought it was only good natured, having a laugh. like when we out to Iceland & group stage of rugby world cup 4 years ago


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how fantastic have England been, in there 1st proper game of world cup as argies never really turned up. englands biggest win over the aussies had never beaten them by that margin before. probably not a surprise as looking & since 2013 England have won every game apart from the most important one at 2015 world cup. but aussies helped England as they had so many errors at critical times when they were yd from get back to point, dropped it & then many errors to get England 3 pts further away

but New Zealand will be tough almost got to be perfect & hope for luck


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yeah he not had the greatest perfromances since 2016 been badly outclassed by new Zealand poor in rugby championship in 2018, lost Scotland & wales for 1st time in while

& irish getting destroyed here
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Steve Hansen the All Blacks Coach has won 88 of the 101 matches he’s been in charge of with them.To think that when he was Wales coach he once lost 11 matches in a row.
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