Rugby 2019 Rugby World Cup


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I'm excited :twisted:

First game today. Japan vs Russia.

STV player on in the back ground to listen to the commentary at work.
Interesting to see how well Ireland play against Scotland on Sunday morning. That is a tough starter for the Scots. Ireland ranked no. 1
Then the England game right after it, should be an easy win for them against Tonga.

Anyone else watching the Rugby world cup?
ill be watching I always enjoy internatuoal rugby, world cup or lions. I think England were mighty unlucky in 2015 should've seen the games out 25 mins to go they were 10pts clear & could've got a draw, which would've seen them into the knockout stages v south Africa. then the group was ridiculous it was the biggest group of death ive seen In most sporting world cups, when you think fiji are your 4th best side, it was tough C & D were very easy

but Its tough to try & figure how England could do because there are some tough games upcoming as if they win Group C could be likely wales QF & NZ SF, if they come 2nd could be likely Australia QF & Ireland / SA in SF both are 50/50. im going to be boring & say I fancy new Zealand for a 3rd straight title, will get easier QF with Japan / Scotland. but wouldn't surprise me if we got a New Zealand v Ireland final though
I'll be tuning in.

Fully anticipate a laboured performance from England with us making more of this group than necessary followed by an exit in the quarter finals. I don't think Eddie Jones has transformed England Rugby in the way people expected and, although he's had issues with injuries, he seems to use a tombola to select his England squads.

Ireland may have peeked too soon and have had an underwhelming 6 nations and pre tournament warm up.

Though the All Black's are always pre world cup favourites it's difficult to see where their challenge will come from.
haven't ITV been the only broadcasters since 1987, but this is good because all major sport needs to be on terrestrial tv, because for publicity reason & as I always say that's how you get the next generation through

also on cider_and_toast thinking through the history of the rugby world cup haven't new Zealand been the favourites for every world cup bar 2003
New Zealand scare the Bejesus out of all their opponents with their Hakka hakah. They certainly scare the bejesus out of me.
yeah that really has thrown cat amongst the pigeons, my main thought is that what does that say about Scotland who were battered within a half by Ireland. Ireland even with 2 bonus point wins would finish 1pt behind. which is going to be tricky as you want to avoid the all blacks. but someones got to stop them
Huge Victory for wales that really throws the cat amongst pigeons, because working it out probable Knockout stages. we could have a situation where all the top 4 seeds are all in top half & if a top seed is going to win the world cup they are going to have to do it, in probally 1 toughest routes ever seen. as England or Ireland are in where they could have to beat the 3 biggest southern hemisphere teams in a row

C Win - England
D RU - Austraila

B Win - New Zealand
A RU - Ireland
D win - Wales
C RU - France

A win - Japan
B RU - South Africa
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