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Here we are the pre race quiz for beligium, bit late sorry I literally think on Monday dont forget to get Italy quiz sorted. got that abit confused :facepalm:😄. but also I always try to have interesting take on the quiz. have educating & entertaining

1) Who won the final race on original Spa Circuit in 1970
Pedro Rodriguez

2) Who won the 1st race on Modern Spa Circuit in 1983
Alain Prost

3) At what corner did Ricardio Zonta have his massive accident back in 1999
its raidillon actually

4) since we returned permanently to spa in 1985 only 3 drivers have won this GP, who didnt go on to become a world champion, can you name them
(1pt for 2 / 2 for all 3)
Coulthard 99 Massa 08 (even if provisionally finished 3rd) Riccardio 2014

5) What year did Jackie stewart had his Fabled Accident at the Masta Kink.

6) Who in a interview about the 1998 Crash said this - it was a bit scary. I had no brakes, no steering, nothing was working. I was just sitting there hurtling down the track with wheels hitting me on the head & cars going all over the place. There was nothing I could do except sit there & think :censored:, where is this taking me
Eddie Irvine - David Coulthard - Johnny Herbert
Eddie Irvine

7) on the 1998 theme out of the 11 team that took the start 10 team had at least 1 that crashed, who was the only team where both cars came through unharmed

8) Who will be hoping for a very Happy birthday come race day
Carlos Sainz, who turns 25 on race day

9) Who in 2008 after pitting on penultimate lap for inters, went from 9th to 3rd (pre penalty)
Nick Heidfeld

10) Can you name these 3 drivers from the 1993 Beligian GP
Hill (0) Prost (2) Senna (8)

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Btw isn't that Andretti (7) in the McLaren. No yellow helmet, the amount of cars overall suggest it was when Andretti was lapped.
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