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I got up at 4:30. I saw one lap which was interesting in the GP. I fell asleep somewhere between lap 35 and 40. I woke up again with 3 laps remaining. I listened to a load of faux excitement about setting fastest lap. I fell back to sleep as Bottas made a mess of parking his car in a garage.

I wish I has stayed in bed but I am an F1 zombie :(


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Watched the last 16 laps live, had to reboot the telly-box when I turned on this morning and it seems to have failed to record the race, or deleted it in reboot. Watching Gasly fail to make a move on Kvyat for 15 laps got a bit dull. Some onboard from the front runners would have been more entertaining. They didn't show Hammy or Verstappen at all for almost 15 laps, apart from Max taking to the grass once. Slightly disappointing coverage.

Well done to Bottas, no one saw that coming. I'm enthused, it'll rattle Hammy which is a Good Thing. The extra point for fastest lap definitely added some spice to the mix. The annual Ferrari implosion may start early this year, so be it, or maybe they'll find some pace in the coming races. Either way, it seems the Red Bull (singular) is quick, so there's always hope for a battle at the front, regardless of the orangey-red team.
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So good you posted it twice. The link didn’t work for me either time.



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Some of the coverage today was appalling.

When Max overtook Seb for example, we were treated to the rear view from Seb's car and just caught Max's right rear. Then we switched to Max's car and saw absolutely nothing. Finally we went to the wide shot, by which time Max had passed Seb and that was that.

Awful coverage throughout


I just read that Mercedes told Bottas not to go for the fastest lap point, he took a lot of notice of that then. I wonder how many more times that will happen this season and how many engines will be ruined as a result, especially later on.


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Angel Interesting point given his margin of comfort to get 1 extra point against potential reliability issues. This could be contentious were the championship decided by 1 pt


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finally after race work & football finally do this. I kind of enjoyed that grand prix it wasnt amazing but it was alright . I still have enthuseum for 2019. which I couldnt say after the last 3 Australian gps which have been awful & 1 of worst races of the season. im still enthused for Bahrain where the new rules will show better whats capable

I was highly critical of bottas, but I think it justified I wouldve said it about anyone, because coming 5th in world championship & with only 2 poles 0 wins & finishing 5th in final 4 races. when the teammate was winning 11 races & world championship with 3 races to go. but i always say if you criticise you must praise as well. bottas that was brilliant drive & he class of the field today. great lap in qualifying then really comfortable in the race you could feel he always had the pace like he did on final lap when he found that extra second. if he can sustain this maybe we have a title challenge but for me the biggest story was were ferrari from title favs & race favs. to a distant 3rd best team & unthinkably neither even on the podium. vettel with an off day never looked good all weekend. Leclerc once he got rid of his nerves & had settled in his 2nd stint on the hards. he was brilliant I still fancy him to beat vettel this season. even though we had team orders which was disappointing I think that 2nd half was impressive, as he shown enough being 7 tenths quicker a lap at times

Max another outstanding performance, 2nd best driver today. he is highly impressive im getting Alonso & hamilton vibes from him. that if you give a sniff of a world championship chance. he will be in contention. because he drags out the max of the car is opportunistic Gasly what happened stinker of a debut or should I say a ghastly , 1st time in long time that a top 3 driver didnt make through the field. 11th from 17th, couldnt even get past the sister toro rosso. not good. good job its his favourite bahrain next

Riccardio you feel for him it couldnt possibly have gone any worse his home race but we always knew this would be a year of pain compared to the red bull, he found a piece of a track that i never noticed in all the years but I guess that what track inspection is there for. B championship is still there but the gap has at least close but 35sec gap between magnussen & Leclerc If he hadnt been told to back off but shows there still is a 2 tier championship is still there. but at least gaps halved from 2018
I think that this was one of the most boring races of the last few years, I watched only because I was at my inlaws' and couldn't be bothered to listen to what my mother in law was saying.

Bottas did well, he kept out of trouble but considering that Hamilton's car had some damage I guess that it wasn't that difficult given the massive advantage that the Mercs enjoy at the moment

Hamilton... I don't know what to say, he didn't have anyone to race, any time that Verstappen got any close Hamilton would improve his pace

Verstappen he did manage to pass another car on track :cheer: I guess that they'll give him a medal given that there were so few overtakes

Vettel what went wrong with him after his pit stop? :dizzy: Sky pundit Marc Gene was saying that Vettel's speed across the line was about 15 kmph slower than the top guys, I haven't seen any mention to engine problems with his car but obviously that Ferrari (i) isn't as fast as we were led to believe and (ii) they had some reliability issue

Leclerc is a smart guy not only a talented driver

IMHO what was really sad was the group from Kimi 8th to Gasly 11th racing very close to each other for so many laps and not a single overtake, it was heartbreaking to watch

I look forward to the next race, it's going to be another race like today's it might well be the last one that I watch this season


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I'd like to know how much Hamilton's bodywork/chassis damage affected his speed and from what point of the race.
Bottas put in a great performance and I think he'd only have been threatened by Hamilton if something wonky went on from the team.


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I see Lewis didn't park his car very well at the end of the race. Is his day-to-day motor a BMW?:snigger:
There was a very narrow passage for the top three in front of the podium.
Bottas and Verstappen came in first, and they had room to maneuver in two moves and reverse.
And when Hamilton came in, the protective barrier was pushed close and he had no room to maneuver.
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