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How did you rate the 2018 Austrain Grand Prix out of Ten?

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Wow what a race. Overtakes a plenty. Car attrition was very poor for this era. Both mercs out WTF. AND Max put a RB win in place for the first time at the reborn RB ring. Just brilliant and so over due.

Thank goodness.

That was quick Greenlantern101 . :D

I have given it an 8,it was a very good race, I’m not really sure what it will take for me to give a 10. I think I’d need to be screaming encouragement at the screen for a lot of the time.
I've given it a 9, it had plenty of actual racing going on. Great drive by Max for the win, good drives by both Ferrari guys, I was a little surprised Ferrari didn't ask Kimi to let Seb by, though I am not a fan of team orders as a rule, I just of thought they would knowing how they usually are.

Leclerc got another point too, I was pleased about that also.
8/10 for once we get a race of attrition and unpredictability, however the overtaking moves at the front only occurred when the car in front had a mistake or were in mechanical trouble so it is worrying 3 DRS zones which someone suggested made today's race like Mario Kart... they will putting power ups, oil spills and banana peels one day to spice up racing.
I was bored at first, but then it improved, after Hulkenberg and Bottas retired, and created overtaking opportunities for several drivers.
Raikkonen was unusually forceful at the start, but then lost out. Vettel was equally forceful on Hamilton and what a great move that was, really nice to watch the two championship leaders battle.
I’d like to see that more often, but I feel that Mercedes currently have the edge over Ferrari.
Amazing result for Haas 4th and 5th, today they finally capitalised on other teams failures. Both Saubers in the points and Ericsson even managed to beat Leclerc. However I don’t understand how Leclerc came so close to beating Ericsson again, after he left for the gravel trap on lap 2, decent recovery drive.

It was a good race and I’ve given it 6 points.
What happens with these polls at the end of the season, does someone here create a ranking comparing the races based on the votes?
The issue is definitely the aerodynamics which makes following cars so difficult to even get a chance to overtake
.....and olegg usual does a comparison between ourselves and another forum which highlights how grumpy we all are.

First one I've watched proper live all year and quite enjoyable. 7 from me.
What happens with these polls at the end of the season, does someone here create a ranking comparing the races based on the votes?

The last few years I have taken an average for each race and put them in order of shit to great. If you feel like doing it for me don't let me stop you LOL
6. It was not a great race, but it got pretty interesting when the two Ferraris were chasing Verstappen while being chased by Hamilton. The possibilities started getting interesting.
Gave it an unusual 8. Unfortunately couldn't watch it live but wasn't too worried as it was going to be two Mercs disappearing into the distance with Vettel having problems with the Red Bulls possibly leaving him go further behind in the championship race.

Now I wish that I had stuck my heels in and insisted that if the BBQ was an hour+ layer than promised I would watch it live complete with live timing which is sometimes the most interesting part.
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