2017 Summer Break Quiz


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Nice easy feel good quiz for the summer break.
21 Questions ALL on the 2017 races Pre Belgium.
Have you been paying attention? I expect high scores.

Q1. Easy one to start. Name all the winning drivers for the first half of the 2017 season.
Lewis, Valtteri, Seb & Dan

Q2. How many pole positions has Lewis had this year so far.

Q3. Name all the drivers that have had consecutive wins this year if any.

Q4. How many retirements has Max had?

Q5. What is Jolyon Palmers highest finishing position?

Q6. Jolyons team mate Hulkenberg has finished in the points how many times?

Q7. Pascal Wehrlein missed out on the first 2 races for what reason?
He had a sore back from a crash at the race of champions

Q8. Who drove in Pascals place?
Antonio Giovinazzi

Q9. Which driver stood in for which other driver at Monaco?
Jenson in for Alonso who was doing the Indy 500

Q10. Massa also had to sit out a race. Which race and who took his seat?
Hungary, Paul Di Resta

Q11. How many times has a McLaren car finished a race so far in 2017?
Just 12 times out of 22 potential starts

Q12. Dan has been third 4 times. Which races?

Q13. How many points ahead of Lewis is Seb?
14 points

Q14. Which teams have a Ferrari engine?
Ferrari, Haas & Sauber

Q15. What is Lewis’s lowest finish and at what race?
7th in Monaco

Q16. Who has been on the podium more Dan or Valtteri?
Dan 5 podiums, Valtteri 8 podiums

Q17. Force India have failed to score a point in just one race, name it.

Q18. Seb has been on the podium in all but 3 races Canada, Azerbijan and….
Great Britain

Q19. Which race did Lance Stroll get on the podium?

Q20. Max has had only 1 podium where?

Q21. Kimi has finished ahead of Seb in how many races?
Just 1, Great Britain

And for this cake ==>:birthday: what are the song lyrics from?
Red Dwarf

Scores and cakes?
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