Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix Quiz


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A few teasers to set you up for the GP weekend.

1. There has only been one Malaysian F1 driver, what's his name?

Alex Yoong - who is from Chinese/British heritage

2. Did the answer to Q1 ever score a point in F1?

Under the point system in 2001 and 2002 no he didn't. He did manage on 7th place finish in 2002 which under the "everyone gets a prize" system used today would have netted him 6 points.

3. The Malaysian GP has taken place 18 time. Which team has won the most times?

Ferrari, 7 times

4. Following on with "the most" theme, which drivers has won most times?

Sebastian Vettel, 4 times

5. Giancarlo Fischella won in Malaysia in 2006, which other two races did he win?

Brazil (2003) and Australia (2005) - no extra points for being a smart arse and knowing the years.

6. Michael Schumacher won 3 times in Malaysia. What was his best result in his "comeback" with Mercedes?

9th in 2011

7. Fernando Alonso has also won 3 times at this race. What has been his best result in a McLaren?

He won in 2007 in his first stint with the team

8. Which future other Ferrari, McLaren and Renault F1 driver won the F2 race in Malaysia in 1977?

Patrick Tambay

9. On what lap did Lewis Hamilton's engine fail in the 2016 race?

Lap 40

10. Which driver scored his only point of the season at the 2016 race?

Jolyon Palmer

I would hope there are some easier ones this time out.
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4 1/2, all from the first 5 questions and then nothing.

Cheers for coming to the rescue and doing the quiz FB.

Much appreciated.
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