Pre-GP Quiz 2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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1. Complete the quote from Martin Brundle.
“There are three city states in the world, two of which have Grands Prix – that’s Monaco and here in spectacular Singapore. The third city state is the ________ but we’re not anticipating a Grand Prix there any time soon.”

Vatican City

2. Qualifying day for Singapore sees the birthday of two British Grand Prix winners, which two?

Sterling Moss and Damon Hill

3. As of writing, which driver's race starts matches their car number?

Max Verstappen

4. Who finished last in the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix?

Will Stevens

5. In the last two Grands Prix in 2012 that took place in the the Paralympics, which was the only team that was on the podium for both races?

Mclaren, the winners

6. Sebastian Vettel has the most consecutive Grand Slams, 2, one was at Singapore, where was the second?

Korea, both in 2013

7. Who took their maiden Grand Prix victory the day before Roy Hodgson became England manager?

Pastor Maldonado

8. Who has the lap record around Singapore?

Kimi Raikkonen

9. In 1961, the Singapore Grand Prix was first run, what was it initially known as?

Orient Year Grand Prix

10. Name the two title sponsors of the Singapore Grand Prix since it began in 2008

Singapore Telecom and Singapore Airlines
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