Pre-GP Quiz 2016 European Grand Prix Quiz


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Much like back to back races we now have back to back quizzes as well.

Hope you enjoy it.

1) The 1983 European GP at Brands Hatch marked the first time that the European GP had been held as a stand alone race. For which back marking team was this race their final appearance?

Theodore Racing

2) The 1984 European GP saw a heavily revised Nurburgring track used for the first time since Niki Lauda's crash in 1976. Obviously Lauda raced at both events but which other driver competed at both the 1976 and 1984 races?

Jaques Laffite

3) When standing in for an injured Niki Lauda at the 1985 race, who became the first driver to use Car number 1 when not being world champion since the rules were changed to reflect the number belonging to the world champion driver and not the world champion constructor?

John Watson

4) At a very rainy Donington circuit in 1993, everyone remembers Senna's storming drive to go from 5th to 1st in the opening laps. Which driver made a far more spectacular run from 12th to 3rd in the same time frame but with far less attention?

Rubens Barrichello

5) There have been a total of 8 constructors to have won the European GP. 5 of them have done so on more than one occasion. Just because a section of our audience enjoy a good fraction, for a third of a point each, name the 3, one time winning, constructors.

Brabham in 1983, Stewart in 1999 and Brawn in 2009

6) Following on from the tradition of using the European GP as a step in for other tracks, Jerez was used in 1997 as a replacement race for which other European race track that had run into financial difficulties?

Estoril in Portugal

7) Things got a little chaotic on the calendar due to the change of venue from the previous question. With the addition of the European GP it meant that the race scheduled to be held at the Ring in Germany could no longer use that title. As there was already a German GP at Hockenheim in the same season, what name did the event at the Ring end up using?

The Luxembourg Grand Prix

8) At the chaotic 1999 race in Germany, which driver held off Eddie Irvine in the last few laps in order to score Minardi's first points in 4 years?

Marc Gene

9) At the 2009 European Grand Prix which driver memorably returned to the grid for the first time in 10 years?

Luca Badoer (He qualified his Ferrari in last place almost 3 seconds off Hamilton's leading Q1 time and went on to finish the race last, a lap down)

10) And finally, which driver claimed the final podium of their F1 Career at the last European Grand Prix to be ran on the Valencia street circuit in 2012?

Michael Schumacher
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