Poll 2016 Canadian Grand Prix - Out of Ten

How did you rate the Canadian GP out of 10?

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Absolute bollocks. Apart from some nice defending by Max and a decent late brake from Rosberg it was all pit stops and DRS. Not 'appy.
Well happy Lewis won so I guess I am happy but a 'race' is slightly exaggerating.


Edit: I meant 5
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I quite enjoyed that despite watching it through a buffering Internet connectin. :bangfists: Still, better than nothing.

Another good win for Lewis making those tyres last again.
I was surprised by two things in that race, how much better Ferrari were than Red Bull . I was expecting Red Bull to be the clear challenger to Merc, but it was Ferrari.
Also I didn't expect Williams to be that fast.
Some great defensive driving from Max near the end.
An 8 from me.
Every few laps there seemed to be a mistake by someone that could change the running order, which added to the excitement. It wasn't an amazing race but above average and the results were mostly unknown until the last laps. gave it a 7
I think Ive been over generous with an 8. Maybe I should have said 7. Ah well. It's done now.
The extra points can be because Lewis won, Vettels start, Max's defending, and the pigeons.

Not edge of the seat stuff, but did show even with all the might of the Merc, when stuck in traffic it's superiority is nullified.

Nice for Bottas to get in the podium.

Also good for the sport we have 3 teams having a go for 1st, with a 4th in Williams, I'm hoping can build on this podium, well as long as Massa thinks before he speaks......
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It was a 5 for me. The promise of excitement at the beginning just never really materialized. Loved the defending from Max at the end and I was happy to see Ferrari look that strong. I'm really hopeful that it's a sign of things to come for the rest of the season.
I've always been tense during Hamilton's races, no matter whether he's 10 sec ahead or behind. I really didn't think that he would have been able to take those tires from his first, and only pit stop, on to the race win.,.....For me an easy 10
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