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2016 Australian Grand Prix

Quiz time.

Q1. Who won last year.
Lewis hamilton

Q2. What was unusual about Marussia’s race last year?
The cars failed to run all weekend

Q3. Which constructor holds the most wins for the Australian Grand Prix?
Mclaren with 12 wins

Q4. Which 2 drivers jointly hold the record for the most wins? Half point for each.
Lex Davison and Michael Schumacher both have 4 wins

Q5. What Australian State is Melbourne in?

Q6. Albert Park home of the Australian Grand Prix has been open since when? Half point if within 5 years.

Q7. Albert park was originally part of a river delta and was home to the Wurundjeri people for 40,000 years prior to European settlement. What is the name of that river that still flows through Melbourne?
Yarra River (or Yarra Yarra)

Q8. How long is the circuit. Full point if within 0.2 miles Half point if within 0.4 miles
3.296 miles

Q9. Which driver and in which car does the outright lap record belong to, never bettered since it was set in 2004? Half point each for the driver and the car.
Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari F2004 lap time 1.24.125

Q10. Final question. Who is this going flying and causing carnage afterwords?

Ralph Schumacher 2002

How did you do?
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