Grand Prix 2015 Japanese Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

For once the PQR does not include discussion of the dominance of Mercedes after they dropped the ball under the lights in Singapore. They'll feel better than South Africa's rugby fraternity, and will certainly be less likely to wince at the sound of the word "Japan". Will they bounce back?

The excitement of Suzuka is palpable. Some corners are legendary - the esses, 130R, the Degners. Those that aren't are merely the venue for legendary happenings - the McLarens in 1989, Kobayashi-san's wide elbows and Raikkonen passing Fisi on the last lap. However, it is an excitement tempered by what happened last time, and I'm sure thoughts of Jules Bianchi will be uppermost as the weekend continues.

Ferrari will be praying that the race again shows the improvement that saw them challenge at Monza and dominate at Singapore, and Vettel will scarcely be put off by seeing the road into Suzuka. He's won at Malaysia and Singapore, the third leg of his once-customary East Asian triple crown awaits. Red Bull, of course, will also have great memories, and they will be encouraged by getting amongst the Ferraris for the first time in Singapore. That they were ahead of the Mercedes is a massive bonus.

Action can never be guaranteed, but if it doesn't come, you can at least enjoy the spectacle of 22 drivers dragging reluctant cars through some of the most splendid curves in the world, all flowing into one outstanding whole. A Ferrari victory would pay tribute to their lost son, or is it Hamilton's turn to get to the magic 41? Or, just possibly, a surprise?


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Kyvat will start from the pits

Verstappen - 3 grid penalty for parking the car on the racing line:whistle: Now who was that famous German driver that did the same thing and instead got sent to the back of the grid?


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To be fair, there was a opening on the opposite side of the track (almost directly behind his final parked position), my initial thought, when watching, was that he was trying to give the marshals a straight line to push the car over the track, and behind the barriers.

Later he said he was stuck in third gear, so maybe he misjudged how far he could get the car off track (before the engine stalled).

Personally I think maybe a bit harsh on the penalty, however it did affect everyone's last run so :dunno:


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Five things we learnt from Japanese GP qualifying

Interesting views on Sky's view

i) Mercedes back on top - the long straights and fast sweeping corners is helping it over Ferrari who do not have the hot and humid conditions of Malaysia and SIngapore where their tyres seems to hold together much longer and better

ii) Kyvat under pressure - Max Verstappen keeps getting into the headlines for the right reasons and wrong reasons but it seems Red Bull are not offering assurances about Kyvat's position. This has been overlooked somewhat in the driver market seeing the focus has been on who's driving for Mclaren and Haas

iii) Perez - a much more solid driver whose career took a nosedive taking the Mclaren drive replacing Hamilton

iv) Grosjean - will be much missed by Team Enstone

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Oh for sure. Last time one of my father's drivers brought the car in that smashed up, that was it for the weekend. It took them four days to rebuild it. Admittedly, they only had eight mechanics in the entire team to work on it.


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Just about to watch the race. I didn't get up early as I have to get up at 5 tomorrow. I wasn't about to do it twice.


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As for the suggestion that Ecclestone apparently "punished" Mercedes by not broadcasting them during the race, that is ridiculous and unacceptable.

I can't wait until the poisonous, obnoxious, odious little turd finally dies.
Whoever takes over can't be any worse. Can they?


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I never heard of such conspiracy where Mercedes will be not allowed air time because of the engine row with Red Bull ..

really Mercedes are monopolising F1 at the moment it seems like Bernie is losing his power grip

Now the only time I've heard a team not getting any air time was Force India for their stance in not participating in a practice session in Bahrain after members of their team were attacked


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Mercedes to query lack of TV coverage - AUTOSPORT

Seems Merc want to know why they were not on TV more too.

Although this is coming from Lauda who seems to be on a mission to stir up as much crap as possible.

This weekend he's accused Ron Dennis of being tight with his money, said they would have supplied Red Bull with engines but Red Bull never got back to them, announced an engine deal with Manor which has not actually be signed, and now he's had a poke at Bernie.
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