2015 Formula One Awards


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Roll up one and all... it is time for the glitziest* and glamouriest* Formula One awards ceremony of each year. Welcome to the F1 Awards...

Copa Barrichello for Winning when the Heat is Off: Nico Rosberg

Noah's Ark Award: The Drivers Championship - down to tenth :ermmm:

Jean-Louis Schlesser Award: Marcus Ericsson for summoning the Safety Car in Malaysia with an amateurish spin.

Peugeot Belt for Shittiest McLaren Engine: Honda

Life W12 Belt for Shittiest Engine: Honda

Earth Car Belt for forcing Jenson Button to Pootle Around at the Back: Honda

Michael Schumacher Tunnel Safety Car Award for Retiring During the Only Race Your Car is not Dominant: Lewis Hamilton, Singapore.

Emerson Fittipaldi Cup for Tragically Wasted Champion: Shared between Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button

Fernando Isn't Faster Than Me Award: Max Verstappen, Singapore

Fernando You Weren't Faster Than Him Award: Daniel Ricciardo, Monaco

McLaren-2012 Award for Crappest Strategy: Lewis Hamilton, Monaco

Moron on the Track Award: Singapore Moron on the Track

Marshalling of the Year: Shanghai marshalls for removing Max Verstappen's car

Schumacher/Barrichello/Button Award for Most Predictable Podium: Hamilton/Rosberg/Vettel

Pastor Maldonado Award for Buggering Up Someone Else's Podium on the Last Lap: Kimi Raikkonen, Russia

Sakon Yamamoto Award for Turning up Mid-Season and Pootling Around at the Back: Alexander Rossi

Jules Bianchi Memorial Trophy for Inexplicable Result in Crap Car: Fernando Alonso, 5th at Budapest

Golden Paper Bag for Falling Apart at the First Sign of Moisture: Williams, Silverstone

Overtake of the Year: Max Verstappen, Blanchimont

Special Award for Making up the Entire Shortlist for Overtake of the Year: Max Verstappen

Shadowed Award for Being Completely Ignored by All: Carlos Sainz, Jr.

STR Creche Award for Being the Youngest Whatever: Max Verstappen

Moaning Git of the Year: Christian Horner

Most Reasonable Moaning of the Year: Fernando Alonso

Comedy Club Radio Award: Jenson Button

1950s Deckchair Cup: Fernando Alonso

Lesser Spotted Champion: Lewis Hamilton

Seb Vettel Counterproductive Winning Award for Ensuring Sponsors Get 0 Airtime: Mercedes-AMG

Eddie Irvine Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in Ferrari Number 2ing: Kimi Raikkonen

"We All Thought It" Award for Calling Eddie Jordan an Arse on Live TV: Christian Horner

Living on the Back of One Overtake of the Year: Nigel Mansell in Mexico

Chaotic Race Still giving HAMROSVET Podium of the Year: Shared: Silverstone & Austin

Award for NEVER Giving a Predictable Result: Hungaroring

Award for Completely and Inexplicably Dropping Off the Pace for a Single Race: Mercedes, Singapore.

Tarso Marques Award for Beating Alonso Partly Due to the Crapness of the Machinery: Jenson Button

MasterCard Lola Award for Shortest Season: Kevin Magnussen

Award for Being the Only Finisher to Miss Out on Points: Jenson Button, Melbourne

Prize for Economics: Lotus

Prize for Mathematics: Mercedes, Monza (25.042s!)

Rule Loophole Pain in the Haas: Ferrari

Schadenfreude Manufacturer of the Annual Cycle: Ron Dennis
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