Pre-GP Quiz 2015 British Pre-GP Quiz

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Sorry, this is a bit later than I intended to post this, but here goes. Scores are out of ten. Good luck!

1. For 1/3rd of a point each, name three British winners of the British Grand Prix:
Sir Stirling Moss, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, David Coulthard, Johnny Herbert, John Watson, Jim Clark, Sir Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, Peter Collins, Tony Brooks

2. Before Juan Pablo Montoya broke his record, the fastest lap ever recorded in a Grand Prix was set at Silverstone. Who set this record lap?
Keke Rosberg

3. Two drivers share the title for most British Grands Prix won. For one point each, can you name them both?
Jim Clark and Alain Prost

4. Bernie Ecclestone's last GP drive was at Silverstone. What year was that?

5. It was at Silverstone that Martin Brundle did his first grid walk - what year did this now famous institution start?
For a trip down memory lane, watch the video here:

6. In the last ten years, three drivers have won two British Grands Prix each. Lewis Hamilton is one of them, for one point each, name them both:
Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber

7. In 1999, two drivers stalled on the grid, causing a restart. For one point each, name them both.
Jacques Villeneuve and Alessandro Zanardi
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