Pre-GP Quiz 2014 United States Grand Prix

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1. Who finished 15th in the past two Grands Prix in the USA?

Paul di Resta

2. Who was the last person that took their only Grand Prix win at Watkins Glen?

François Cevert

3. The last race to be held on November 2nd was the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, but which was greater, the amount of drivers who raced in both Brazil 2008 AND USA 2012, or the number that only race in Brazil 2008?

Neither, they're the same

4. Who was the only man that finished in the top 10 in Brazil 2008 but didn't race in USA 2012?

Jarno Trulli

5. At which location(s) did Nelson Piquet win his two Grands Prix in the USA?

Detroit and Long Beach

6. In the 2006 US GP, who was made to start 21st after ignoring the weighbridge?

Nico Rosberg

7. How many times has the man who won the US GP gone on to finish second in the Championship?


8. Name them

Lewis Hamilton, Rubens Barrichello, Gilles Villeneuve, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Jim Clark,

9. Alex Rossi could become the first American since Scott Speed to race in F1, but who won the Grand Prix when Rossi had his first test drive?

Pastor Maldonado

10. 2014 marks the 44th time the race has been run as a round of the World Championship, and the only other 44 to have won in F1 was back in 1955 by Maurice Trintignant for Ferrari, but which two races did Mercedes fail to win in 1955?

Monaco and Indy!
Errm 5 1/6th - maybe it's 'cos I is an old git, although there were some lucky guesses.

I got a bit confused with Q7 and 8. "Not including Detroit etc"... So what venue did the question actually refer to? GP's run in the States used to be called "Us-East or US-west" and so on didn't they?
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