2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics


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I find short-track speed skating and the downhill skiing event thoroughly entertaining, but that's it.


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what a story this is from overnight, Ester Ledecka won the womens super G, no big deal you think, but the story is incredible, she predominantly a snowboarder, competing on pair of skis borrowed from Mikaela Shiffrin from usa who finished 4th in slalom. because like in mens downhill & super G the world top 20 race in a random order. the rest 21 & below race in world ranking order some TV companies like NBC didn't televised the gold medal run & had already announced sochi gold medallist Anna Veith as winner & the 1st woman to defend an Olympic super G title. because its extremely rare they win usually just making up the numbers

Winter Olympics: Lindsey Vonn misses medals in super G as Ester Ledecka earns shock win


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Great run by both British ladies in the Skeleton Bob but once again Elise Christie makes a mistake in the speed skating. I think she's too aggressive and is trying too hard. That's 4 out of 5 events she's been penalised in now over two Olympics.


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It's the way the rules are written and fractions of a mm count on the play back with the referees cameras, the rules seem to be very similar to yachting and the luffing rules but at far greater speeds but the basic rule is the overtaker is in the wrong until they are ahead, that is where the problem lies, one foot may be ahead at the start of the manoeuvre but not at the instant of the penalty, also known as the luck of the draw.


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I'm sure you don't mean it F1Brits_90 but that is technically a racist comment.
yeah maybe ive probally phrased it wrong, but I'm just going off reputation, they banned then minister of sport, Vitaly Mutko & his deputy minister, Yuri Nagornykh, from any participation in all future Olympic Games because of IOC report into sochi games which Thomas Bach described as "an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the Olympic Games & sport" then banned from competing in the 2016 summer paralympics & 2018 winter Olympics.

Ill give anyone the benefit of doubt the 1st time, I believe Froome is innocent & I was 1 of Lance Armstrong biggest defenders & believed he was telling the truth (saying he surivied cancer against the odds, why would he risk his life taking all these dangerous drugs makes no sense) until that shocking oprah inteview. but the news doesn't look good for him, as he suspected of taking the same substance that maria Sharapova just served a ban from tennis. just like if Justin Gatlin or Lance Armstrong are suspected of the same offence now I'm hardly going to think oh yeah it just some innocent mistakes. as they have previous. but if I'm wrong I will apologise

IOC suspends Russian NOC and creates a path for clean individual athletes to compete in PyeongChang 2018 under the Olympic Flag
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After desicion of CAS in the canadian WADA ready to go to any meanness
to smooth out the failure with unfounded accusations of Russian athletes.

Today once again blocked training of the Russian figure skaters.


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Innocent until proven guilty.
Yes, your post is culturally juvenile but probably not racist F1Brits_90
But isnt that sport. cycling is exactly the same look at team sky. Bradley Wiggins whole career was questioned because of 1 suspicious package & currently Chris Froome 4 tour de France, 1 vuelta, olympic tt bronze is questioned because he took too many astama puff


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No, not at all.
Look at the current Froome situation....
The adverse finding should not have been publicised as this is against the rules and all the subsequent noise is generated by people who have none of the facts but think their opinions matter.

Your post #89 implies that all Russians are dopers unless they can prove otherwise, such an attitude is assinine.
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