Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


So, the season rolls around to another climax with the final pre-GP quiz of the year!! Oh, there's the small matter of the final race of the season also. One more thing, this quiz is worth double-points, because Abu Dhabi.

So, here we go:

1)What is the capacity of the Yas circuit?

2)Sebastian Vettel hold the lap record for the circuit, set in 2009. But what is it (to the nearest tenth)?
1:40.3. Actual time is 1:40.279 secs.

3)Who famously said "The first few turns are quite good, but the rest of it is shit".
Kimi Raikkonen (of course!!!)

4)2012 saw a fabulous victory for Kimi Raikkonen, but how many cars finished on the same lap as him?

5)And how many cars retired from that race?

6) Moving onto title deciders, when was the last time just a German and a Brit were heading into the last race as title rivals?
1994 of course!!

7)And the last time just two team mates headed into the last race as title rivals?
1996!! (Hill & Villeneuve)

8)How many points was Sebastian Vettel behind Fernando Alonso heading into this race in 2010?

9)Now to a couple about season finales in general: Since 2000, which circuits have hosted the season finale:
Sepang, Suzuka, Shanghai, Interlagos, Abu Dhabi. If you named any others, no points.

10) And finally, since 2000, which season finale had had the least classified number of finishers?
2002 Japanese Grand Prix, with 11 finishers

Double your total, and give me a score out of 20, please!!!
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