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There you go. First quiz of the season. Hoping for a lot of "0"!:D

1. At the 1996 Australian GP Damon Hill equaled his father's overall number of wins. How many races did Graham win?

2. After Ayrton Senna was disqualified from the 1987 Australian GP and thus lost his second place, which team scored their first 1-2 in over a year?
Ferrari. Gerhard Berger won the race and Michele Alboreto was promoted to second.

3. Neither Michael Schumacher nor Rubens Barrichello made the podium at the 2003 Australian GP. Which GP was the last GP prior to that, at which Ferrari had no driver on the podium?
The 1999 European GP

4. The 2009 Australian GP was the second Grand Prix in history to finish under Safety Car conditions. Which was the first?
The 1999 Canadian GP

5. Who scored his only ever podium finish at the 1995 Australian GP?
Gianni Morbidelli

6.The 1991 Australian GP was the last race for which five time Le Mans 24h winner?
Emanuele Pirro

7. Starting in 1985 how often was the Australian GP neither the first nor the last GP of the season?
Only twice (In 2006 it was the third race of the season because of the Commonwealth Games and in 2010 Bahrain was the season opener. Why? I don't know).

8. Nigel Mansell finished second at the 1990 Australian GP. Which was his best finish at Australia before?
He had DNFs in 4 Australian GPs prior to that and didn't start the 1987 GP due to injury.

9. Who is going to be the Official Sponsor of the 2013 Australian GP?

10. Which Australian GP at Melbourne saw the biggest time difference between 1st and 2nd and which one the closest time difference? (1/2 points each) :1st:For knowing this!
Biggest time difference: 1996 Australian GP - Damon Hill had a 38.020 seconds gap to Jacques Villeneuve
Closest time difference: 1998 Australian GP - Mika Hakkinen had a 0.702 gap to David Coulthard
I scored 0.
Heavy rain.gif

I very nearly got a 1/2 point for answering part of question 10 correctly. Nearly, but as I got it wrong, my score is 0...

I thought the shortest was 1997 for hakinnen & coulthard. :clip:
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