2012 European Grand Prix nonsense discussion


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Some more, with BBC ideas included:

Eddie Jordan starts a sentence with no idea of where its going to end
A commentator is confused where the car is on the track due to it all looking the same
Coulthard praises Red Bool
A car survives an off on a 'street circuit' by driving over the gargantuan run off areas
Lewis Hamilton is described as 'on fire'*

  • Lewis Hamilton is
    • asking where time can be found
    • asking what the [frickin] [hell] went wrong
  • Sebastian Vettel
    • well done guys
  • Jenson Button
    • I've got no grip
    • Massive oversteer
  • Nico Rosberg
    • Nico, you need to save [fuel/tyres]
  • Felipe Massa
    • Smedley patronisingly tells him how to drive
    • Smedley patronisingly says "Good lad!"
  • Non-English engineer talks to non-English driver in English.
*either due to commentry or massive McLaren pitstop bundle

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Down the bottle when Schumacher retires
Button has no balance or massive understeer
Either of the 2 main commentators say lights out
Anyone mentions the previous 7 different winners
Anyone mentions the possibility of 8 different winners
There's an overtake at Valencia- down the bottle again


It is true that EJ starts talking without knowing what the hell is going to say then starts babbling and the second part of his sentence usually completely contradicts the the first part of the sentence, and when someone asks him to explain he can't...

I bet on Martins grid walk Bernie looks at him as if he is something he trod in....


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FB the more finger pics the better I think being drunk will certainly help make Valencia more entertaining.

After the Monaco snooze fest I am really surprised by how much I am not looking forward to this race. Hopefully it wont be as dull as I am expecting.


I'm thinking of watching it through a pair of Bernie Ecclestone glasses to see if I can find the appeal he seems to think there is in the race, but I feel I would be better off watching it from the right side of a Bernie Ecclestone pay cheque..


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That reminds me of one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. A visitor to a karting track kicked up a fuss about the black flag being used against them because they felt it was racist. It was not a prejudice against thier skin colour but thier driving and apparently it's a regular occurrence. I told the marshal that when common sense goes out the window it is best to drop all your flags and raise the white one. Surrender! The numpty of irrelevant ethnic origin was already out of the race and would be on thier way home soon. True story.
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