2012 European Grand Prix nonsense discussion


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One way of making Valencia a bit more exciting would be to swing half-open open that "iconic" bridge, forming a ramp that the cars could take off on and land the other side, "General Lee" style.
Like proper good ole'boys.



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I had a dream the other day, that the GP in Valencia was a cracker. Vettel was leading the race by 10 seconds with 13 laps to go and Lewis and Fernando were only half a second apart in 2nd and 3rd. Well both were on fresher rubber and were chasing Vettel down at 1,5 seconds a lap. With 7 laps remaining Hamilton had taken over the lead of the race and was winning. Alonso on the other hand was trying his damned hardest to get past Vettel. Anyways with two laps remaining Alonso hit Vettel and both were forced to retire there and then. Who comes through to claim second only Paul di Resta and Raikkonen makes it on to the podium aswell. Dream on yeah but imagine if this come's true this weekend. Everyone will be calling me a future teller.


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These race threads are getting worse with every race.

There was a time they were filled with actual discussion about the race.


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I guess that's a testiment to how well people generally get on. It's a bit like going to work. The longer you spend working with the same people, the less you end up talking about work.

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Couldn't you start a second race thread which is about the event itself? Problem is that nearly every thread would need a second to go with it.

Weather.com are forecasting 30 deg C for Sunday. This could have quite an effect on how the tyres perform compared with recent races.

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I'm liking the new nonsense thread! I don't see why this is necessary though! And Schumi could have a few wins in a row like in 04


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European GP nonsense discussion? :thinking:

  1. Narain Karthikeyan (Ferrari)
  2. Heikki Kovalainen (Lotus)
  3. Harry Potter (Gryffindor)
  4. Pope Benedict XI (Ferrari)
  5. John Terry (Sauber)
  6. Englebert Humperdink (Plsrelsme)
  7. Captain Jack Sparrow (Black Pearl)
  8. RayInTorontoCanada (Red Bull)
  9. Noel Gallagher (Toro Rosso)
  10. Elio di Rupo (Belgium)

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Nope, that's stupid, Harry Potter will use his invisibility cloak to drive past Narain, RayInTorontoCanada now drives for MontreacLaren and the backmarker Elio di Rupo won't get a result unless it rains, but it always does in Valencia, famous for it's changable conditions


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As valencia is so dull, I think we need a game to play whilst watching.
maybe a drinking game.

How about this for starters..feel free to add more LOL

Everytime Ted says any of the following you have to down the drink you have and go get another one.

'I'm in the McLaren garage'
'And I'll tell you what'
'I don't believe it'
'They say there is nothing wrong with this car'
'He doesn't need to stop again'

You have a double shot any time the following happens

McLaren foul up a pit stop
Jos predicts a dry race and it rains
Ferrari switch drivers positions
FB posts a picture of a finger in chat
Jenson, Webber, Kimi or Massa fall out of the points.
Brundel tries to chat up a grid girl
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