Grand Prix 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So it all comes down to the final race. The prancing horse versus the charging bull. The passionate Catalan versus the efficient German. Red versus Blue. Enough of the clichés, Vettel has a 13 point lead over Alonso going in to the race between the lakes so only has to finish in front of the Spaniard to claim his third title in a row. All the pressure will be on Ferrari and Alonso to give the Spaniard his third title and they probably need something to go wrong at Red Bull to stand any chance of winning, if their pace in the USA was anything to go by.

After his victory in the USA Lewis Hamilton will be hoping to leave McLaren on a high note. Lotus, surely, would love a second victory in 2012 but as fast as the car is it can't compete with the top 3 teams. Felipe Massa is starting to regain some of his old form and will, without doubt, be required to ride shotgun to Alonso. Mark Webber will be looking to win again at Interlagos but I doubt Vettel will suffer similar "brake" problems as he had last year.

The constructors championship is all sown up with Red Bull champions again. McLaren could steal 2nd place from Ferrari but a stronger performance from Jenson Button is needed in Brazil. Last year he was 3rd, two McLaren men in the top 4 could win them a few extra millions from FOM.

The final factor to build in is the weather. Brazil is notorious for changeable weather conditions and a sprinkling of rain could turn things Alonso's way. So tune next Sunday for the final event of 2012, but before then feel free to express your opinions below and don't forget to check out the circuit write up.
Scenario's in which Vettel wins the title
If Sebastian Vettel finishes...
...1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, Vettel is champion either way.
...5th, 6th or 7th, Alonso must not win.
...8th or 9th, Alonso must not finish higher than 3rd.
...10th or lower, Alonso must not finish higher than 4th.

Scenario's in which Alonso wins the title
If Fernando Alonso finishes...
...1st, Vettel can not finish higher than 5th.
...2nd, Vettel can not finish higher than 8th.
...3rd, Vettel can not finish higher than 8th.
...4th, Vettel must not finish higher than 10th.
...5th or lower, Vettel wins the title.

I wonder what gremlin Renault are going to choose for Redbull this time. Surely the alternator thing is starting to get old now. If it rains, somebody is going down.
At the moment are forecasting sunshine and showers (60% chance of rain) on Saturday and overcast with showers on Sunday (60% chance of rain).
Considering the last few Brazilian Grand Prix have been pretty poor, hopefully this year bucks the trend, hard to believe the season is over next weekend, doesn't time fly!
I don't think 4th is enough mnmracer ? Gap is 13 points. Bottom line Alonso needs Vettel to have a problem. It's quite possible, remember Lewis in 2007....
Copied from the 2012 thread...

So if Vettel finishes at least foruth in Brazil, he's the WDC.
Alonso needs to be in the top three to be in with any chance at all, and then hope Vettel is at least 14 points behind.

Also, if McLaren want to beat Ferrari to second in the WCC then they need to score at least 14 points more than them.
That's quite a tall order.
The Massa of old dominated Brazil. The Massa of old loves racing at home. The Massa of old has been resurfacing in the last few races. Could we see a Massa-of-old performance this weekend, at just the right time when his team mate needs it?

If the forecasted rain comes along and levels the playing field somewhat, it will be a must watch race for everybody. But I think Vettel will come away with the title, just.
After yet another alternator failure at the US GP, Renault are switching Red Bull to the newest version for the final race.
The devil in me would love to see the fallout if, in particular, Hamilton, Webber or Massa get involved in a collision with Vettel that forces him to retire. Ditto for Alonso I guess, especially with Lewis. They play happy families now but I'm sure it wouldn't take much to make things nasty again!!

I'd like to see Hamilton win again, or at the very least see him have a great race to close off his career at McLaren. Still can't believe that he's risked moving to Mercedes, but I think for both Lewis and McLaren it would be appropriate for them to end on a high together.

It's a shame that Vettel/Alonso's positions aren't reversed or that they're not ~even on points - it really should be Vettel's championship. What would really spice things up is if the alternator failure/<insert your favourite mechanical issue here> happens on Saturday and Vettel has to work his way through the field - preferably in a dry race where he has to really work for it rather than a wet/Abu Dhabi style race where carnage is abundant.

There's a random collection of my thoughts for you.
Wonder what will happy if Vettel takes the Senna in Japan route at turn 1 and punts Alonso off the track? Ayrton kept his Championship...
Got a sneaky feeling Felipe might be the man at the head of the field on this one. Whether he has to let Fernando through on the pitstop like he did Kimi in 2007 we'll have to see.

I'm really hoping Felipe can carry this form on to next season for his sake more than anything else. He's not quite back to how he was but he's certainly looking sharper - and much to his relief it looks like he will be in the top 8 in the championship.
Scenario's in which Alonso wins the title
If Fernando Alonso finishes...

...4th, Vettel must not finish higher than 10th.

That's the bit I picked up that wasn't quite right. Alonso 4th = Vettel 3xWDC :)
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