Poll 2011 Korean Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2011 Korean Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

  • Mark Webber

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  • Jenson Button

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  • Fernando Alonso

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  • Felipe Massa

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  • Michael Schumacher

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  • Nico Rosberg

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  • Bruno Senna

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  • Vitaly Petrov

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Torn between, Vettel, Hamilton and Algersuari Atm.

Vettel - Well ye thats predictable,
Hamilton - good defensive drive. Felt the battle with Mark Webber was more design then Mark being hindered by areodyanimcs
Alguersuari - Great Drive to possibaly outperform the Car.

Think ill vote later after some thought.
It's between Hamilton and Alguersuari. I think Hamilton pulled a great lap out on Saturday and only had the 2nd best car on Sunday, therefore he did well to beat Webber. But Alguersuari also outperformed his car but I'm just not sure... I think I'll wait to hear what others have to say.
I've gone for Lewis. Good defensive battle, great quali, trying out the tactics one lap after I shouted at the screen he should let Mark past at the DRS lint to try and break the stalemate....

and that leads me to deciding that DRS was terrible at this race, it created an artificial battle for second that left us completely unclear on where the genuine race would have left the drivers. I felt Lewis would have pulled away from Mark in the absence of DRS, but was forced to race at his pace as a result of the compromised racing and KERS usage. If only that was the only problem DRS had caused today.

So, I don't think Vettel was pushed, I think Jenson played the numbers game, and I couldn't quite figure out the Ferraris - I don't agree with MD & DC, Alonso was not being particularly held up by Massa, Massa also pulled away from Alonso when in front and unimpeded, although not as well...

Special mention to Heikki, although you have to say it was assisted by Kobayashi's march backwards.

I think Schumacher could have been in the running were it not for being a victim of artificially high speeds caused by DRS, slip streming, KERS and late breaking - a lot of variable for drivers to take in during a race, and I have to say Fernando was very lucky being nearly a perpetrator and a victim in one corner.
Considering everything that's gone on recently, the first driver other than a Red Bull to qualify on pole, and to hold Mark off for 10 laps when the RB7 was quite clearly the best package this weekend, I've gone for Lewis.
Hamilton for me too for the same reasons as Bro' and also because this blue button setting (mentioned in radio comm's) must mean that he wasn't allowed to push - fuel issues again for Macca?
i chose lewis.i know he didnt win,but he was the first person other than vettel to get pole in a long time.plus he did really well to to hold on to that second place.even before their final pits he did well to stay ahead of mark.then after they pitted mark was about .5 of a second behind him for the rest of the race.
I think I agree with David Coulthard when he says anyone one of the top 10 (apart from Button) could have been driver of the day.

Vettel - didn't have the fastest car in qualifying yet put in 2nd, had the better race pace and just cruised away as usual

Hamilton - We have got the old one back! (I hope) Got pole with a stunning lap, finished ahead of Webber who had a faster car, defending really well and gave us a good battle, beat his team-mate all weekend.

Webber - Think this has to be one of his best performances this season, and I think he could have won it if he got past Hamilton in the second stint as he had the best strategy, in the end he didn't but gave us a good battle!

Alonso - He said he gave up, but he did the exact opposite, put in some stunning laps in the end but seemed to be struggling in the second stint.

Massa - Had the old front wing, out-qualified Alonso, had a great start, ran good first two stints and was pulling away from Alonso, the two pitstops that he had though where quite poor, one of them was 6.1s compared to Alonso's 3.6s, then in the next one came out in traffic. Great race by him, I hope we get the old Felipe back!

Alguersuari - Out-qualified his team-mate ran well, benefitted a lot from the safety car as the rest around him pitted a lap or two early, but he had good pace, and had a great race, but did he tie his shoe lace?

Rosberg - Was running well in the first two stints, until he had that massive lock up, ever since then he was on the defensive and lost the position to Alguersuari probably because of fuel being "critical".

Buemi - Got tagged from the start, had to make his way through the field from 20th, costing him a lot of time, he had great pace and only finished 10s behind his team-mate even though he pitted one lap before the safety car. Finished 9th strong performance by him.

Di Resta - Hm...he was quite quiet, had a bad first stint and was one of the first to pit, finished ahead of his team-mate who I feel was on a better strategy, gets a point.

Three worthy mentions though, two who were running well until an incident, Petrov and Schumacher.

Schumacher - seemed as if he had the legs on Rosberg, and was ahead of Alonso until he got take out by Petrov.

Petrov - out-qualified his team-mate by a big margin, was running really while fighting it out with the Ferrari's and Mercedes, managed to make his tyres somehow last the same time as those around him even though they were 4 laps older than everyone else's, in the end crashed into Schumacher.

Kovalainen - strong performance by him aswell, got ahead of both Sauber's in the race, Kobayashi may have had a problem with his wing for a while, but as far as I am aware Perez didn't. Solid by him.

Don't have a clue who to give it too, it's between Vettel, Hamilton, Alguersuari and Buemi.
I've plumped for Jaime because in a race where so many drivers did well, it's nice to give it to one of the little guys for a change. Torro Rosso's best race of the season and in terms of pace, best race for some time.

Notable mention must go to Hamilton as well.
A difficult decision between two drivers - Hamilton & Alguersuari, but for the whole weekend & a great battle with Webber, I've gone for Lewis. I thought that was a cracking drive today, just what he needed. Alguersuari did great as well and would have been just as deserving DOTD.
It was difficult to shine in such an ordinary race so I went for Vettel simply because he did all he needed do at the outset and drove a faultless, controlled race.

Lewis was solid but arguably too conservative but again delivered a near perfect race.
Considering everything that's gone on recently, the first driver other than a Red Bull to qualify on pole, and to hold Mark off for 10 laps when the RB7 was quite clearly the best package this weekend, I've gone for Lewis.

That ^^^
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